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Colostomy bag covers

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has anyone tried the bag covers you see on etsy? Any good or bad reviews? 

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I am not sure how long you have had yours but my husband is two weeks into his colostomy so this is all new to us.  I will have to check etsy out.  His home health nurse was also saying Amazon has everything you could ever need for colostomy products.  She also mentioned a site called ostomysecrets which does not have bag covers but other products such as wraps, swim suits, etc.

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Just a comment about Amazon. I agree with betula's home health nurse about Amazon. I've had my ileostomy for almost 2 years. I get my bags through the VA but they aren't very enthusiastic about providing much else. Amazon's ostomy product line seems to have grown over the past 18 months or so. I'll do a general online search for some product and then check to see if it's on Amazon to get price comparison. It's also the quickest way I've found to find comments about a particular product. I've bought everything from ostomy belts, adhesive covers, scissors to products that help me feel more comfortable about swimming.

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Thanks for sharing this. I've had my ostemy for over two years and have never boguht any sort of cover but have always wanted to. I've only ever checked out the stealth covers and they're expensive.


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I had my temporary ileostomy from April - September 2016 and I did purchase some products from ostomysecrets and was, overall, happy with them.  The wraps, and the underwear, have a pocket to hold the bag which helps support it and also keep it a little flatter.  I found the products to give me a little extra confidence and particularly liked them while exercising and golfing.

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Hello Teresa.

I bought my husband a hand sewn cover on Ebay. It was only $5 and he wears it when on the go.

Not sure if this will work, but here is a link to the exact cover:



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Hi Just popped on to check on everyone.  I've never tried the covers but I tried the lace wrap on ostomysecrets, it looked more weird than good.  Next I'm trying a wrap that is free from my insurance.  I've had my ostomy 4 years and I don't really cover it with anything.  I do wear tanks under my short shirts.  I want to get the wraps through insurance to wear under dresses.  I'll let you know how it works out.

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I bought a basic Ostomy Secrets wrap to try out and liked it for when I was going out.  If you sew or know someone who does, it was not difficult to copy the design and make more.  I like the inside pocket feature because it helps support the weight of your bag if itt starts to fill, so there's not so much pulling on the skin.  The Lycra also helps smooth the profile of the bag.  What I don't like is there is a lot more issues with pancaking when I'm wearing a wrap, and that can cause the bag filter to get dirty and cause odor.  I'm now experimenting with folding the filter over and taping it down, to try to keep the filter away from the output.

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