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squamous cell carcinoma

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I have been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and go in for surgery tomorrow to have it removed from my hand.
Does anyone know if there may be any connection to Agent Orange? I am an Army combat veteran (Vietnam) and the the jungles where we operated was sprayed heavily with the chemical...

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here is a case where a guy won his legal case for Left maxillary squamous cell from agent orange exposure during service: http://www4.va.gov/vetapp03/Files/0304776.txt

mind you, this is not a scc on the skin, but still is a scc....

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My husband has squamous cell, and has had(rad) 8 surgerys one set of chemo didnt work now on to a new chemo he has had his face neck nose bones removed and has tumores on the out side of his face. we were told that on sept 28,2011 that there was no more that they could for him how sad its this that our goverment knew about this and still want to deney our vietnam vets. The hosiptal that we are going to has been great and wish that they could do more (OVERTONE BROOKS SHEVERPORT LA). There was a study by our gov back called VETERNS and AGENT ORANGE,UPDATE 1998,Executive Summary that they need to do more studys on squamous cell and basil cell and that they will see more vietnam vets show u with this between the ages of 55 to 70 so please go on this site and look for yourself it my help you, my prayers are with all of you that have this.

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You said that there was a study done by our govt. called Veterans and Agent Orange, Update 1998, Executive Summary on squamous and basil cell carcinoma.  Can you tell me where I can locate that at?  We've been fighting the govt. for four years and I'm still not giving up.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Double post.

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Last year I went to the V.A. Dermotologist, in Rochester, NY, to have my right arm looked at.  I had a sore that would come and go.  They did a biopsy and said it was Squamous Cell Carcinoma. They found other spots of concern on both arms.  I was prescribed a topical treatment (5-Fluorouracil)  It literally took off the top layer of my skin.  I had open spots all over. I am in the process of trying to get benefits for it, as I was exposed to Agent Orange, in Vietnam.  On my last visit to my Dermotologist, I asked the doctor if mine was caused by agent orange or just because I am fair skinned.  She said she couldn't say yes or no.  She  mumbled that "we are trained to say no".  Needless to say, that upset me and I have an appointment with my VSO for next week.  It's sad that the V.A. trains their doctors and staff in this manner.

I wish you all well.  I'll let you know how my case works out.

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Thank you for allowing me to come to this wonderful site while I am Australia my husband is from Augusta Georgia and has just been diagnosed with the above.  We are off to see the ENT guys tomorrow and do not want to miss out on asking any questions that could be helpful to us. Would appreciate if anyone has any that may be of help to us. As you can imagine yes we are scared and do not know what outcome to expect. Look forward to hearing your input thank you in advance.


Amy Willemse
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I have just finished my treatment for SCC.  I have listened to Dr Joe Prendergast who believes cancer can be cured by vit D3 and Vit c.  I have been taking 50 000iu per day and have noticed a great improvement to the cancer, as to when I was just having radiation.  What I want to know is this,....will this huge lump on my nose disappear or will I have to have surgery ..... and another thing the lump is still itchy...is that normal.

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