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from breast to bone

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Hi Guy, I wish that I could say that I was new to the boards but I cant, I was dx with breast cancer 3 times and the last time I had a double masectomy done, and thouht to myselt well that takes care of that. However I was way far off on that.i have dealing with pretty sever groin pain for about 3 months, during which we were moving from NY to Maine. So I figured I must have pulled something, it clears up after a couple of days then i repull it, sounded reasonable. that brings up to Wendsday when i woke up my hip as hurting along with the groin so I took it easy and did the same on Thursday accept Thursday was much worse, i spent the day popping percsd, when Wendy (the wife) came home I told her that I needed to go to the hospital at which point she sain why they are not going to do anything, which her in defense typicaly happens. I persisted with the wish to go so she took me. The nurse that checked us in was a real jerk and said that i was only going to be refered to my primary if i wanted narcotics. He was the same nurse that cared for me two weeks earlier when I was there whining about my groin pull. Anyway when I got to see the Doctor he was alarmed at the discomfort I was in and ordered a ct scan of my pelvis. An hour later I was being admitted, put on a morphine on demand machine, and wondering if he had really said cancer or no. The next morning bright and early i was being preped for a pone scan, visited by several doctors and had my bone scan. Then my oncologist came to see me and confirmed that it was cancer in my pelvis. By Monday I had a bone biopsey (that I could right a whole chapter on that would not be kind) and a pain management regiment to take home with me and by that on the way home also. Tomorrow I go to see the radiologist doctor to get set up for my radiation.

Needless to say I am now afraid of my own body, and terrified of what is to come with mets. So if you people would be so kind as to give me a clue of what is to happen next i would greatly appreciate it.


thank you


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Hi am so sorry for you i hope everythin is ok with you and no more pain I know it's from more than a year but Iam new in group and just read it xx

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stick to the facts only.  listen to the docs  and fight fight fight for your life. 

Keep us all posted as to how it goes.

Hugs and prayers.


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So sorry about your condition. (I know your comment was written over 3 years ago.)

I hope things are going well with you. 

Prayers are always going to reach you!

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So sorry about the recurrence. Its tough especially since you’ve gone through so much. When I was diagnosed with bone the radiation was bearable. I’m on a clinical trial takimg Femara daily and 21 day cycles of this drug that’s being tested called ribociclib( I think). Every 3 months CT scan to test the effectiveness of the drug. It’s gonna be 1 year since I’ve started and its been ok. But there are days you feel normal and days where I feel down not able to see the light at the end of the tunnel! But I plod on and look to God for strength.

I pray you‘ll be ok and hope you are well. God bless 

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