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Childhood Leukemia survivor Anyone ever have anxiety or depression as an adult

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Hi my name is Ryan   I had ALL at 4 years old.   22 year cancer survIvor.   I am 29 now       Has anyone dealt with anxiety or depression as an adult?   Focusing issues?    thank you 




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Hi Ryan, I had ALL at age 5 and now am 31 with pretty bad focusing issues especially at work. It's like my brain has already started its downhill aging decline. I often feel like I'm 30 going on 80. Anxiety I e had for years. Probably my whole life. Depression comes and goes but I do take medicine for it. I also suffer from heart palpitations which I take medicine for. I have been diagnosed with POTS disorder. I have a lot of joint pain in my hands neck and knees but no diagnosis there yet. I don't digest food well, have stomach pains, constipation etc. probable Celiac diseas. I sound like a mess but if you met me face to face you would have no idea what I suffer every day! Let me know if I can help. I am also  an RN:) 

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Don't think any treatment will make you better then you were, good doctor give mininum treatment and best result. You may need stop worry about your disease, the stress itself causing many unknow disease, this is not what doctor can cure.

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