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I'm Still a Zero

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...... in more ways than one!

April marks the seventh anniversary of my DaVinci, and all is well. "Apparently" I have been able to put the beast in my past.

Here's wishing members of this forum all the best, and a thank you for all the good advice given by those so much wiser than I. A special prayer for those just starting down the PCa path.

Max Former Hodg...
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Wonderful, Beau2.  My surgeon told me, when I went one year still undetectable (combined with the specifics of my patholiogy report, post-op), that there was about a 95% liklihood that I would never have any form of relapse.  His surgical practice features post-radiation salvage work (he is a nationwide authority on operating on failed PCa radiation patients who for whatever reason need surgery).  Ergo, he is an expert at evaluating these matters.

I went 2 year's undetectable two months ago, in January.

I'd say you're as PCa-free as a former patient can become in this lifetime,


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That's great, hopefully many more...................

Dave 3+4

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I'm very glad to read about your good news.


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This is what we most want to read in here. Success.



Will Doran
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Congratulations.  I hope you have many more years like this.  And I hope we can all share the same results as time goes on.

Peace, Love, and God Bless


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