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Who also has Skin Cancer...

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I have to have a Basel Cell growth on my face taken off this week; how many other of us are also dealing with Skin Cancer as well?

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I don't have skin cancer but my understanding is that melanoma is the dangerous one. I think the basal and squamous cell cancers are easy to deal with if treated early.

Of course I'm no  expert. I have had a few small areas cut or frozen off my face but none were cancer (and hardly any scarring).


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I don't have skin cancer but i'm posting to send you healing vibes.

You're in my thoughts and prayers


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much appreciated, Forough. God Bless you!

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my husband has basil cell skin cancer; in fact, his first spot was before the kidney cancer dx and since then, he has had two other spots.

he gets checked every year and it is not a serious condition; sun without protection is the culpri.

there is some connection between kidney and melanoma but the latter is a very serious cancer; basil cell is not.


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a basal cell removed from my back and a melanoma removed from my forehead in the first year or two after renal dx.

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I had squamous basal cell removed from my forehead a few years ago.  I had the Moh's surgery done from an experienced surgeon.  I'd recommend the Moh's over any other.


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I had out-patient surgery yesterday; (2) spots.

one on arm - small Squamous Cell 

one on face/ next to ear -large  Basel Cell

1.5 hours in the OR by a plastic surgeon. I was put under. 

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Glad to hear Surgery went well..have had multiple Basal, and Squamous surgeries over 20 years. My Drs have me go for 6 month body exams as I usually have Keratosis that are taken off with liquid nitrogen in Office. If a growth is in the Face,Ear or even neck area a plastic surgeon is usually involved. Mohs Surgery is an option that is also used in the head area. Aside from small scarring and going to Dr biannually that was the course of treatment. Dermo said that when caught early  Skin Cancer is manageable. 

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I had a radical nephrectomy 5 years ago for RCC.  Then 2 years later I was diagnosed with a second concer, melanoma, on my shoulder.  I have my 3 year skin checkup tomorrow (it's been every 6 months and may go to annual after tomorrow).  

My CT scan for the RCC follow-up is next week.  This round of blood tests were all in the normal range with a GFR of 67 (pretty ggod for 63 years old and one kidney).


Hang in there!

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Glad the surgery went well for you...no skin cancer here!




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My wife had very tiny spot on her check last June, after the biopsy and the usual tests it was determinded to be melanoma that had not spread, and they cut a half dollar size hole out of her face. She is fine now, but had to have three plastic surgeris to have her face repaired. I cant even tell she had surgery, the plastic surgeons are that good.

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