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Recent PSAs & Test Results

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It appears my PCa is really taking off as in one year my PSAs have really sky-rocketed. Here's my history from January 2016 to my most recent test on Feb 3 2017: Jan 22 2016: 0.08, April 7 2016: 0.18, Aug 15 2016: 1.82, Oct 18 2016: 2.40, Dec 29 2016: 3.24, Feb 03 2017: 6.6

Starting in August, I began to get really worried but the urologist that I was seeing wasn't too concerned. This is the same Doctor who performed my RP in April 2014 that left me with permanent ED and raging incontinence and then prescribed Firmagon ADT that contributed to the onset of Type 2 Diabetes.  With him, everything is, "See You in 3 months!". In December 2016 with clear evidence that my PSAs were doubling and that something was clearly not in order, I arranged a meeting with my oncologist and requested a CT, Bone Scan, and possible bone biopsy. I learned about these tests from Dr. Patrick Walsh's book, "Surviving Prostate Cancer". The tests revealed that the PCa has established itself in my spine (T11, L4,), Sacrum, Coccyx, and a couple of ribs. I coordinated with my insurance company, Tricare (I'm retired military), and found a new oncologist who specializes in Chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and experimental treatments.

I start a new treatment plan next Monday and will initially take Casodex for two weeks and then get my first Lupron Shot. I'll continue with the Casodex and Lupron for several months which should, hopefully halt the rise in my numbers & get my PSAs back down to manageable levels (below 2.00) and then repeat the CT and Bone Scan tests to see where we're at. I'll be on Lupron for as long as my body responds to that type of ADT. Right now Xofigo is not an option for me because that's supposed to be used when ADT therapy no longer works. I've learned from VGama's posts that Lu-177 is being offered for trails in the USA and will investigate that further, especially since it appears that Lu-177 kills PCa and could be used to further roll it back. I am starting to experience some pain in my lower back and fleeting numbness in my arms but have been able to knock down the worst of it with Advil and hot compresses.

If I can ever get this genie back in the bottle, I will watch my PSAs like a hawk, trust my gut, and demand action whenever there's an uptick or a change that is out of the ordinary. Doctors DO understand being fired! The discussions and responses on this forum are very encouraging and enlightening and I'd especially like to thank VGama & Old Salt for their insights and advice. I'll keep everyone posted as my journey progresses & sincerely hope everyone's next PSA is 0.01.





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Yes sir, I absolutely think you are doing the right thing. Ignoring blatant rises and doubling times is pure negligence on the Dr. He should have ran imaging tests soon as the PSA rose over 1. I really hate to blast physicians on here, but that case is severe mismanagement. We are talking about your well being afterall. And as my dad says your doctor's work for YOU, they can be "fired" at any time for negligent and unsatisfactory work.


All that being said,  I am glad you found an oncologist who specializes in multiple treatment modalities. With the treatment options they have now, they can successfully treat advanced prostate cancer, and keep the beast hemmed in for many years. I agree with staying on top of your PSA readings, that is great diligence on your part, and any changes in treatment that may be needed can be done so accordinfly. Here's to hoping for many, many years of progression free status.

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Hello,   I am new to this and have a question - I am a 49 and just had my first PSA test with a result of 1.55.   My doctors ordered the test as I have had multiple cancers in the past 7 yrs - Kidney (2009), Skin (2011), Throat (2016) - and now the doctors are watching a spot on my left lung.  [feel like I am falling apart rapidly].   So my question - How concerned should I be with the PSA result of 1.55??   Thank you in advance for your answers.

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A quick answer now: The PSA is an indicator only; one looks at a series of PSA reading, and the rate of change, ............Additionally there are other tests that can be given before a biopsy, such as a PCA3.  (I don't know if or if not a 1.55 is an acceptable reading at 49, also in future psa tests, sex, exercise before the psa, even a hard stool affect the PSA reading)

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