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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

5 years since surgery, 4 yrs since radiation all is well!

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It has now been 5 years since my prostate removal surgery and about 4 since radiation - and 6 since I lost my business in the recession. I crossed the barrier that I had been fearing.  Five years is a really good milestone.  I just started a new job last month- a job of my choosing! I have been so blessed with the past 5 years. I try to make each day count. I have matured through all of this and I no longer worry about what everyone thinks about what I do or say. Don't get me wrong, I do and try to do the best thing possible in my everyday life and that is to take time to listen to others and take time to be wtih those I love and to share in their troubles and help any way I can.   It no longer bothers me that I'm limp and leaky. That actually has become a very minor issue. It's all how you look at it. I just wanted to encourage you other guys out there that are in the midst of an upheaval - that there is some hope. 

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Congratulations on your milestone! It sounds like your approach to life is a healthy one!

Continue loving yourself and caring for others...and, above all else, keep kicking cancer's ***!

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It is wonderful to read about your success in both fronts, the treatment and life style. I am hopeful for another of this positive report in your next mile stone.

Best wishes,


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You have received great gifts and you have been aware enough not only to see change, but also to look for the beauty in your situation and find a positive life style in spite of what most would see as a negative situation.  I have often said I have received great gifts from my cancer.  I believe in celebrating all that comes into my life.  You are a spendid example of someone who is aware enough to accept your situation, adjust to it, and come out on the other side with a positive outcome.  You might enjoy this small bit on There is No Tomorrow.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf8PUAG2aYUBest wishes for your spiritual future.  Love, Swami Rakendra

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Masterful, as always, Rakendra.  There is no more heathy or positive way to view this than Fred's...there is not one.  Why not choose a view that allows happiness rather than bitterness, thanksgiving rather than distress ? 

Almost everyone asks "Why me?"  I always reply: "Why would it not have been me?"   Who does not grow old and diseased and then die ?

But in the mean time there is the opportunity for joy.


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Thank you all for your kind words of support and in celebrating this with me.  Even though I have not written much here over the years I have always come away from reading your posts -to those less fortunate or to those of us in dire need of advice and support- with sincere gratitude that someone is "manning the phones" for those that have no where else to turn for help on this complicated topic.  It is especially turbulent to those of us affected - we have an emotional response to being told we have cancer and somehow that clouds our reasoning of what to do.  I know I was there.  Your help has been greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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You are quite right  - people will have an emotional response, but that is not the only response available.  When you are faced with Cancer, there are two responses - fear and faith.  Faith means that you accept that everything that comes into your life is for your benefit, as I have stated before.  Fear means the emotional response that will, but its very nature will be negative.  Faith only has a positive response.  To spiritually explain the negative mind would be too long for this thread.  Remember the Snake and its roll in Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden?  Well, every one of us has our own Snake - and it is your mind.  As long as you listen to your personal Snake you will live in fear.  When you learn to listen to and surrender to the Father, you will live in celebration and positivity without fear, and find the Garden of Eden. But you will not learn how to quiet the Snake until you start your spiritual path with total dedication.  This is called being reborn.  

Love, Swami Rakendra

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