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Been doing alternative treatment for 3 weeks, got psa test back and it's dropped 8 points, that's good news! Oncologist said it wouldn't go down,but it definitely has. I have holistic dr that makes me pills and drinks,strick diet,cbd oil,ect. I'm a gleason 9, 12 of 12 cores positive at 100%. Gonna get psa checked again in two weeks.

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Hope it comes your way. What is the PSA level?

Some holistic therapies use hormonal drugs or similar substances.



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Psa was 49 now 31

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There are some supplements that mask PSA, that is reduce without curing the cancer......the reason for my question.

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I am curious as to who is ordering your PSA tests ?   Some patients who choose alternative treatments remain in affiliations with their oncologists, and some do not.

Delighted with your PSA's dowward drift thus far.


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I had oncologist order the psa. Just had a ct scan today, waiting on results. Should've already had that done, but urologist only ordered bone scan and chest xray. Hopefully next psa is even lower. 

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