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Sound familiar?

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hello, about 6 months ago I started getting diarrhea /loose stools. Three months ago hemorrhoid symptoms started...itching, bleeding,  and my vaginal area got dry, not inside my vagina but all the outer areas.  While using hemorrhoid cream I noticed a lump inside my anus. pea size.   had precancerous cells on cervix in 90s and genital warts. Calling my coloralrectal dr tomorrow. Definitely concerned but not freaking out. I've been through a brain injury and stroke so staying calm and focused is what I've learned to do.  Anyone start with similar symptoms. ?

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Sorry to hear about your symptoms.  I was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2008 and while I did not notice any type of lump, I did have bleeding, itching, constipation and fatigue.  People experience difference symptoms with this disease.  If you have had precancerous cervical cells and gential warts, then HPV, the most likely cause of anal cancer, may be present in your body.  It's good that you are going to have your symptoms checked out by a specialist.  When I first saw my colorectal doctor, she immediately informed me that she was 99% sure I had anal cancer.  I wish you all the very best and hope you'll let us know what you find out.  If you need our support, we will be here for you.


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 Finally got the courage to call and make my appointment for my doctor. he did my colonoscopy five years ago  after my hysterectomy because I had endometriosis pretty bad.   I haven't told my family yet. I'm very close with my husband and my mother my mother-in-law and my sister.   They help me a lot because I've had a stroke and before that I was in a crash and I have a brain injury. Over the last four years I've had to learn to adapt my life it changed nearly 100% and after reading the posts  it is what it is and I just have take care of it    I'm hoping it's just a wart and if it's not I just do what I have to do.   My symptoms are very similar to what everybody else says.  

I can look back now and see how my bowel habits changed and then the pain and itching and the bleeding and my vaginal area is all dry and painful.   I really wanted to ignore this and just pretend it's part of life but last night I really started thinking and then I found this group and that really changed. my mind so thank you to everyone that's posted

PS sorry about all my sentence structure and run on sentences I'm using talk to text because it's a lot easier for me

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Hi, I am glad you have found this site as it has become a great resource and provides a sense of comfort for so many of us. I do hope however that your concerns are related to something minor and easily managed, yet know that we are here to help whenever needed.

I was dx in 2011 with Stage3b anal cancer. Looking back my symptoms began somewhere around a year prior to that but "life was happening" and I convinced myself that there was no urgency in knowing what they meant. It is always wise to error on the side of caution, and while my cancer may have still needed treatment had I gone in sooner, the risk for related problems down the road would have been less, I have had a few.......

Anyway, my symptoms were intense itching, straining to have a bowel movement and never feeling quite empty or done, what became extreme fatigue, and not just bleeding but eventual gushes of heavy blood and clots!! 

All that being said, I was treated (difficult but doable) and in between a few setbacks here and there, I have enjoyed a truely happy full life, which in most ways is a better life than the one I was living pre-cancer. I'm glad that you have made that appointment, and it sounds like you have developed the resilience needed to move forward through your previous experiences. Again, I will pray they are not needed in full force at this time though.

Please keep us posted.....


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