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Canibis Oil Legal vs. Illegal? THC oils or CBD oil?

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Hi all,

I am looking into adding Canibis Oil into my killing prostate cancer lifestyle.  Does anyone know any details on how to use canibis oil to kill cancers?  I have seen different stories as to Mary Janes ability to activate the destruction of cancer cells. 

Old Salt
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Most on this forum (including me) rely on studies published in peer reviewed scientific or medical journals. Unfortunately (?), publications looking at the effects of (pure) cannabinoid compounds  on prostate cancer are rare . To my knowledge, a few papers on effects in cell culture or mice. BUT NOT ON PEOPLE WITH PROSTATE CANCER.

Testimonials on the Internet are easy to find.  For instance, try 'Rick Simpson's Oil' (RSO) in a search engine.

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I just signed on because I'm just dealling with Radiation burns. These caught my eye because of my husband. How is Cannibus used? Also can it be used to control pain. You younger guys were you exposed to Agent Orange and that's why you've PC, my husband was. We are investagating how to proceed with him. Thanks

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Thanks for the heads up on Simpson's oil.  The illegal canibis oils are the ones with THC.  THC oil will definitely have analgesic (pain relieving effects) I dont know about the CBD effects.  I just ordered CBD from Native Hemp Solutions a sponsor of NaturalNews.  I was not exposed to agent orange as I was born in 1972.  Dosing plans with THC oil can be found on sites that talk about Rick Simpsons oil.  Trust Worthy evidence is relative as is the case with everything this days the money needs to be followed and also medical researchers have been known to tweak or Doctor their data to get the results that they want.  Just Saying.

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Max Former Hodg...
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I have had two cancers, heavy chemo regimens, and studied this material for years.

There is never a good reason to use THC for oncological symptoms.  While it may be relaxing and mitigate pain, other drugs do so as well or better. Anti-nausea medications now available nationwide for over ten years can and do eliminate all chemotherapy nausea effectively. On a five-drug, harsh chemo combination for six months, I never had nausea once -- ever.

Also, while cannibis can have symptom-reductions, it is never curative for any cancer, ever.  Not at all.  Of course, "Internet Reports" may say so, but I can find internet stories about about hybrid-human-alien colonies farming seaweed at the bottom of the Pacific:  In other words, anything a person wants to "prove" via the internet, they can prove.  Ever wonder why 'everyone knows' about these alternative treatments EXCEPT oncologists and the research unversities ? Because they are nonsense !

I am not against medical pot (in whatever name or form), but often its advocates are highly misinformed and seem to have motives that are not readily discernable.



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Max are you for real?  Perhaps you are a paid writer to this site?  I dont know I will have to take a look at your posts.

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A88M: If anyone's creditials are "suspect," it would be yours.

Do you even have prostate cancer?  If so, I've never seen a post relating this fact on the forum.  Are you a paid writer for the marijuana industry to promote the use of MJ in the treatment of cancer?  Wouldn't be surprising now that MJ has been legalized for medical and recreational use in certain states and is reported to be a BILLLION $ business.  So, just who are you?

Max has been on this forum for 5 years, 2 less than me.  His a very active member (more than even I have been) and has been very open in reporting his experience w/prostate cancer, While we disagree from time to time and often do not share the same point of view, there is no reason to suspect that he is not expressing his genuine opinions on a topic. 

Regarding, the use of marijuana in the treatment of cancer (prostate or otherwise), I would agree w/Max.

While MJ may have certain palliative effects on the symptoms of cancer (notably pain or discomfort) there is no proof that MJ can in any way "cure" cancer and reliance on it for that purpose is almost certainly going to be ineffective.    I do not think that you (or anyone else) can prove otherwise.

PS: I am the one who flagged your post for review, which I believe led to the response by Simone of CSN Support below.



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Hi Guys,


This is Simone and I'm one of the CSN Support Team members. All our content is user generated, there are no paid writers for CSN. Also, please remember to use respect when addressing each other. While dissagreements occur, we should never be attacking someone personally as it violates our Terms and Conditions, which can be viewed here - http://csn.cancer.org/termsandconditions . 

As always, filling out your 'About Me' page will help other members better understand your cancer experience. We can and do remove all solicitors and spammers from CSN, so everyone can be confident that if someone joins CSN under dubious circumstances, they will be removed.

 Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have.


Best Regards,


CSN Support Team

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I am glad to know that while providing us the freedom you are vigilant. No doubt that this thread posted by A88M makes no sence, still you have not margalize it on the basis of the forum's principles. This poster's comment toward Max is totally incorrect. I wonder about the obscure intention of A88M in participating in a cancer forum?
His 'About Me' page is blank and his posts provide no clue but a series of strange ideas away from prostate cancer matters. Probably he erroneously bump into the wrong site. I hope A88M shares details of his experiences as a patient or helper to be credible by the many reading his stuff.

I would like to take this opportunity to demand your good will and intervene in our favor with the administration for a better "searching" feacture. There should be a "button" in "About me" page directing the viewer to a list of threads and posts entered by the member. Maybe it would lead A88M to applaud Max for his excellent entries and help provided to others in this forum.

Best wishes,


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Hi Vasco,

I appreciate the suggestion. This is actually something we are looking into with the next site upgrade, but unfortunately, I do not have a timeframe on that right now. As always, the best way to make site suggestions or make us aware of issues is to use the form on the Contact Us page - http://csn.cancer.org/contact . While we do monitor the boards, there is a lot of content and helpful suggestions such as yours can sometimes be lost in the fray. We appreciate you sticking it out with us and being here for your fellow patients, survivors, and caregivers.

Best Regards,


CSN Support Team

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