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Emotional wreck

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Why do I cry any time the word cancer is said? I am in remission and have been for 3 months! I hate being so emotional and need to know I am not crazy!! 

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 Hi how are you doing? You are not crazy at all! I feel like being emotional is not them wrong with that you have  been through something that's very Trumatic and I feel like letting those   Filling out is good for you. I have had cancer this will be my fourth time I was just recently read diagnosed one month ago and I will be going through radiation and chemo and I have a teenager  and when I was first diagnosed he was young he was four years old and now that he's older and is fully aware what's going on he is very emotional and I have to continue and Lee reassure him that everything is going to be OK and it's OK to be emotional and so I have those feelings better to let them out. 

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I was like that before, very teary when going after for things. To me, it was this huge thing I had on my mind during it, and after there was nothing almost to do with it. I went home, and was called for follow ups. I had myself so hyped up and trying to eat well and be positive, it was hard to let my guard down, maybe that was it. Letting it down, relaxing a bit, not sure if it was safe to let my guard down. Maybe that is what is going on with you. Plus, wow, my moods were all over the place, with the operation, the 131, and the diet, it took about a year for me to normalize.


It's ok to cry, you have been through a lot. It is very scary, the whole thing. It takes a lot of braveness. You can not worry now, let the doctors do their stuff. So what if you cry anyway, you can do what you want! :)

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I recently had my thyroid removed on Oct11th and feel the same way :(

i am sick of people saying thyroid cancer is good cancer to have and easily cured.  I feel sad during my recovery even though I have a good support system.  Maybe it's just normal after going through such an experience which I do not consider easy one bit. 

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The next time someone tells you that you have the "good" cancer tell them that anything requiring you to have your throat slit can not be all good. Thats what I told my endocronologist and I bet that was the last time me made that stupid remark.

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im new to this forum but i feel for all of you and we have all been thru so much.i love what the one girl said about no such thing as good cancer.


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Hello everyone, I am here for support and hope I can help someone. I was diagonsed with thyroid cancer in 2014. I have had thyroidectemcy. I have been in remission for almost two years. I still have emotional issues and eveything that goes along with it. I heard that lame comment also that thyroid cancer is the good cancer. No cancer is a good cancer. Just recently they found another lump but I was told that they couldn't tell if it was cancer or not. I have been super depress latley, but I have faith and know everything will be okay. I wish everyone here the best.

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There is nothing wrong with crying and getting emotional! It helps reduce stress and puts things in perspective for a new day!!

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Girl, you aren't crazy. Although the world tends to believe us women are crazy in general! lol Anyway, I've been emotional too lately and it's been almost 9 months since I've been on remission. Trust me having your thyroid taken out intales more than what people think. Your whole system changes. The thyroid manages so much of our bodies and we just don't know it until it is no longer there. Cry it out if you have to. And keep your head up!

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I have my total thyroidectomy and lymph node dissection Dec 26, 2016. Will have thryogen shots and iodine pill next week (March 13-15).

Initially after surgery I felt pretty good, went back to work after two weeks. Then about a month ago the emotional roller coaster started. OMG. I'm glad not everybody has this and I am glad when people say it will get better. I certainly hope so.

I have days where all I can do is cry. My grandchildren live on the West coast, I live on the East coast and some days I can't stand them being so far away. I obsess and just get more and more upset. Is this hormonal?

My appetite has decreased and I can hardly eat more than half a meal at a time. Will start the low-iodine diet tomorrow and they told me to expect tiredness.

Just not handling this well and afraid that my family is tired of hearing me complain.

Thanks for this safe place to share.

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