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Big pharma

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Just recently being diagnosed with very aggressive pca at age 39, I've been absorbing as much info as possible so I can make the best decisions I can. So far I've realized there is no money in the cure, money is in treatments, that make you sicker,ruin your quality of life and even cause more cancer. Anyone that thinks cancer treatments aren't driven by big money are very nieve. 

Old Salt
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We can understand that you are upset at getting some bad cards in the game of life. But the statements that you made make no sense. For instance, the staff at MD Andersen will try to cure you, and charge accordingly. Cure may not be possible in your case, but who knows. At the very least, they will come up with a treatment plan to help you. And yes, the treatment will cost a considerable amount of money. I hate to point out something so obvious, but somebody has to pay for the facilities, doctors, nurses and all the high-tech equipment.

Finally, about getting sicker, it's true that many treatments have side effects, but they vary a lot.  Many of us have had them, but have regained a decent quality of life.

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As a young man with prostate cancer 44 and a failed robotic prostatectomy biochemical recurrence psa .30, .26, .31, .41, and .36 and now scheduled for salvage radiation I agree that the big pharma has no incentive for a cure and in fact I believe that we are actually being culled with the vaccines and the GMO's.  I started medical school in 1995, over 21 years ago and the pathology proffessor was talking about being able to target tissues with immunotherapy.  Now tell where are the treatments?  All we get are McDonalds commericials, and other fast food commercials while it is known that vegetarianism can decrease the ocurrance of PCA by 35%.  It is criminal.  Our food supply is tainted, our institutions are corrupt and we are spending billions of dollars destroying civilizations and not spending money to keep our people healthy.

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At some moments in time I have rebelled against the decisions of our governors. This freedom of speech or expression is my right and I may have many followers with the same ideas but we find ourselves powerless when demanding and that is all due to the capitalism principles. These are the waters navigated by the pharmas.

I believe in social democracy (probably those principles closer to the center), however this cannot be revendicated if the exigencies of a democrat are directed to a nobody body represented by a group of irresponsible investors. The big pharmas are in the hands of the share holders. These people look more about their profits then any basic humane principle. Pharmas managers are just pawns in the game. They have their salary assured if they manage to assure the nobody with high profits. Why should they be in charge of curing patients?
They will use that opportunity to do business and nobody including our governors can go against them. The capitalism provides the means for protection of the business and the intellectual property. Patents make part of the game and assure survival to those who invest in researches/inventions, but the rules are not convincing without a precise definition of the limit in profits. It simply doesn't exist. Then the interests come to the top and to the many in the political arena.

The big pharmas look always to the big bucks, the clientele with deep pockets. They have been around trying a love affair with the EU National Health Services. These are easy prey as they are also nobodies but can assure the cost of cure.


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