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Where did he go? What happened? Anyone know?

I went back to a post from last week I wanted to respond to. I noticed that the replies he made in the thread were now labled as: Anonymous user (not verified).  ???




  • po18guy
    po18guy Member Posts: 1,221 **
    Taking a break

    As we all need to from time to time. A little R&R, if you will.

  • illead
    illead Member Posts: 873
    Wondering also

    A few times Max has priv messaged me along with GKH.  I have tried to find the messages in my CSN email and they have disappeared and 2 places I did find stated the message was between Max and me but at the bottom where GKH should have been it said the same thing as Roquie stated: anonymous user (not verified)  We still get John's (Cobra) posts in earlier threads and his priv messgs to me are still in my CSN email.  It is very odd, I have never seen that before and John was taken off the forum by CSN.  Do you actually know that GKH is taking a break.....just wondering