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2 year anniversary

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Joined: Nov 2014

Hello everyone,

today is a second anniversary of surgery which saved my husband's life! He was Stage 1, Grade 1 and is currently NED!

I remember this time 2 years ago - pregnant, with husband just diagnosed with Hep C and couple of weeks later - with kidney cancer.... Hell of a time for me. This place was the only thing which helped me to get through, and I am so, so grateful to you all!

thank you! And wish Uncle NED's regular visits for us with lower stages and stability for those with Stage 4.

I am so glad we have each other!


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Let 2 years be just the beining of many years to come.



foxhd's picture
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Joined: Oct 2011

in success is the key. Together success is powerful. Good for you.

Jojo61's picture
Posts: 1310
Joined: Oct 2013

So happy for your husband's 2 years NED!



JerzyGrrl's picture
Posts: 761
Joined: Jun 2016

So happy for you, your husband, your family (Which is including Uncle Ned).

Great news!

Ree_Maryland's picture
Posts: 161
Joined: May 2014

It is always a relief to hear someone with NED . Happy for you and your family. 

sblairc's picture
Posts: 586
Joined: Feb 2014

So happy for you. Have a joyful day and celebrate

daisybud's picture
Posts: 521
Joined: Jan 2016

So happy for your family!


foroughsh's picture
Posts: 779
Joined: Oct 2014

Wonderful news, I love this trend, everyone posts good news and makes me feel excited.

I M really happy for you, your husband and your little Angle.

Hug you


hardo718's picture
Posts: 853
Joined: Jan 2016

So happy for your family.

God Bless you all,


APny's picture
Posts: 1998
Joined: Mar 2014

So happy for you and your husband. Many many more happy NED years :)

Footstomper's picture
Posts: 1238
Joined: Dec 2014

News like that can make a very Merry Christmas (or midwinter festival of your choice)

Allochka's picture
Posts: 974
Joined: Nov 2014

Thank you all for wonderful warm wishes! Let's continue to fight diseases sucessfully, enjoy life and support each other!

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