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What to give doctor and staff for Christmas?

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My oncologist and her staff at the county hospital are GREAT!  They are so friendly and caring--I look forward to every visit.  Any ideas what I could/should give them for Christmas?

-- Bruce

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Enough homemade cakes to go round

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How about Starbucks for the office with the gingerbread loaf they make?

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to the doctors and nurses and staff to the place where I was treated for breast cancer about 8 years ago . They were so nice and lovely to me that I try to do it every year. This year I didn't make it due to having my surgery for kidney cancer...but everyone seems to appreciate any kind of food treat. Thanks for your thoughtfulness!

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Lots of birds, actually. Little paper birds. I do origami.

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There's rules that medical folks have to follow as to what they can receive as gifts.  Where I worked, it pretty much was reduced to snackies or no-cost trinkety things.  If you were a vendor, they sometimes even limited the food and when / where you could bring it.  Hence, medical staff folks are probably awash in cheap ballpoint pens (Might like some nicer but still inexpensive ones). 

I don't think my little squares of folded paper will be a problem.  Maybe I should have little packets of snackies, too, just to be on the safe side. 

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Thanks for the input!

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I am bringing dougnuts in for my team that is the least I can do for their hard work.


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FOOD to share!  Most professionals cannot receive gifts, her their licensing board criteria.

However, if you bring something to SHARE with the whole staff it is okay.

Nice idea~


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I sent a gift "tower" of candies to my "earth angels" that care for my mom in the alzheimers facility in California.....it was a BIG hit.


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