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Struggling --- would appreciate your help

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Hi there - I am new to this discussion board but not new to the site. I was previously on here in support of my mom who was diagnosed with colon cancer over 5 years ago. She is now in remission thank GOD; however, my father was diagnosed last month with stage 2 multiple myeloma. He has the Bence Jones Protein kind ... I am still not up to speed on all the MM terminology and what anything really means. Just here to get my feet wet and draw from your experiences to help my dad.

His diagnosis was an accidental finding of a recent fall whereby he ended up with 3 fractured vertebraes. He had kyphoplasty to repair the fractures and a bone marrow biopsy confirmed the multiple myeloma diagnosis. My uncle, his brother, died of this disease 17 years ago.

He just finished cycle 2 of Velcade + Revlimid + Dexa .. his hematologist seems quite pleased with his response based on lab results; however, he has had increasing pain (which is being partially attributed to the fracture tailbone they were unable to fix by kyphoplasty) and an altered mental state. He is depressed, seems confused and half the time makes no coherent sense. They cannot figure out what is wrong with him. Literally one day before his diagnosis, he was independent, living on his own, interactivng with his friends ... writing, reading and just generally being a very productive 73 year old. A month later, he is barely capable of taking care of himself.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? My dad has a history of depression and anxiety and I am wondering if that's what is contributing to his continued decline despite the fact that the treatment seems to be working. Any thoughts? How can I help him? I don't live in the same state and unfortunately, my life and work schedule don't allow for frequent visits. I feel helpless. He is also been very aggressive with me and others lately.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Very new to this board,  my mother just passed away from a heart attack. And about 4 months ago my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 blood cancer. Not sure which one but was told he may have 3 to 6 months to live and complaining about his back and shoulder hurting is this part of the cancer causing this pain. He is under the care of hospice they visited him twice a week. Just asking what to expect as I'm living with him and doing what I can to help him. 

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As far as I know there is no 4th stage of Multiple Myeloma.  Could it be your father has a different type of blood cancer?

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My husband too has changed from a very kind person to a very confused and at times aggressive person.  He is 64 diagnosed with stage three  MM two years ago after his hip and pelvis collapsed due to a tumor.  been on revlimid Dexamethasome for two years.  Progressively getting harder to deal with.  Look up steroid rage.  Dex is a steroid and affects different people differently. I have fought this for the last more than a year but know it is those two drugs that keep him alive. At times I think the cancer has gone to his brain as I witness confusion and crazy things he does.  Good luck to you.

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