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Been a while

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Good morning,

I it has been quite a while since i posted, i was told as of last last i am still in remission, which makes it 15 months now. My labs were good and holding for the last 4 months, the fatigue has lessed some, but i do have my bad days, but they are tolerable. Started going to the gym, and i am able too walk longer periods of time now for which i am so happy, its a day by day thing for me now so i dont expect a lot so i wont be so disappointed if i dont reach a goal. I will take each small victory as it comes. Doc said no scans til maybe in Feb. and i am happy about that. 

I will try and be more diligent and post more. May you all have a very happy Thanksgiving, i know i am because i have a lot to be thankful for!


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Great news, and thank you for checking in! Your recovery sounds as though it is going well, even if not quite as quickly as you expect. One thing I always remember is that I must be alive to have complaints. And so, life is good. We all have good reason for daily thanksgiving, and I hope that you and your loved ones enjoy a great giving of thanks.

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I'm glad that the current Supermoon has the tide moving in the right direction for you Chris...

Po, your comment about I must be alive to have complaints reminds me somewhat of my own popular thought: What is the 'quality of life' if you're dead?   So often I hear people say to me "I'd die before I'd use chemo," and similiar observations.  I cannot make any sense of such views, but their life is their's to live.

All life is struggle, and we have to never quit to slay the cancer beast.  Whatever treatments remain for us -- that is what we must use.

Bless the success of everyone's struggle.  Seeing the Supermoon last night was worth a lot of infusions, in my view.


Anonymous user (not verified)

My older sister, age 70, was first diagnosed at age 29 (sarcoma not lymphoma). She has relapsed 8 times and had 3 surgeries and multiple radiations including cyber knife. What is unique about her is that 41 years ago and repeatedly since then has refused chemo. She has outlived all the doctors who predicted her demise in months if she did not have chemo. They are all dead (yes indeed doctors die too!). She is in really bad shape but still kicking. Her's was a more solid cancer. Not sure she would be here if she had lymphoma. In fact I am certain it would not work for lymphoma. But her doctors way back then were certain refusing chemo would be a 3-month at best death sentence. Moral? We are all different except that we all eventually die.

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Thank you Chris for checking in.  I have been wondering about you, and hoping all was well.  Like the others say, keep up the fight.  Last thing we heard from you was that you were going on a fishing marathon.  Hope that was fun and relaxing for you.


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Thanks for checking in. So glad you are doing well!!!

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What great news!  So happy for you, Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy!

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