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Hi everyone,

     It looks like the scan for my body is good with no mets, and the three tumors in my head are stable.  I will not go back for CT Scans of the body for 6 months and head MRI in three months.  It looks like the Cyber knife did shrink the tumors some and they were showing no signs of new growth.  Hopefully I will have no more trouble with them.  Looks like the holidays will be good!

     Thank you so much for all your kinds words and your support!

                                     Prayers for good health to us all!


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Great news!  You are in our prayers.

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Fantastic news, thank you for sharing!

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Joined: Dec 2014

So are you going back to work?

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Posts: 311
Joined: May 2013


     I am back to work, but I have applied for disability.  I have a few things to get taken care of at work.  Hopefully things will go fast and smooth with the disability and I can be done with work!

                              Thanks for the support!


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Joined: Dec 2014

Last November disability (and all the pension stuff) moved so quickly, I was quite breathless - although I suppose that could have been because of the mets in my lungs.

Anyway. You're an inspiration.

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That's great news. Sounds like a great reason to break out the twinkle lights - or eggnog or something - a little early. 

Prayers and blessings,


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Love you girl. I have incredibly high expectations of your resiliency. Because we do this together. And you keep proving that you are no easy target. You are one tough lady.

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Of all this improvement on your health Brenda!

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For all what you going through you are really a fighter 

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Joined: Jan 2016

You are one amazing woman.  Honored and blessed to "know" you.  Thank you for sharing your great news.  I hope you are enjoying that grand-baby of yours.


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Thanks Brenda for sharing your good news! YAAAAY!!!!

We're here for you always~

Hugs, Jan

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Wonderful news, Brenda.  Enjoy the opportunity to celebrate!


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Good news on no new mets. I hate to hear you have head tumors but happy they are stable. My prayers go up daily for all my new friends here on this wonderful site. 

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Much love to you. So happy you are being present in your life and have left work to love those grandbabies!!! Go year 6!!!!!!!!

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I'm very happy to know you're fine. Thanks for sharing this news.

You're a real inspiration

Have a good holiday


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Whoo hoo! Glad to hear it Brenda.  Enjoy the rest of the year!  Keep up your positive attitude, it is working! Hugs! Ange

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That's awesome news Brenda! I'm so glad the radiation has worked.

What are your plans regarding stopping working? What will you do with your time? Please keep us updated.



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So nice to hear

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