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Update on chemo treatments

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I had a very hard time logging on . Just an update. Chemo treatments going well so far. I had to skip one due to platelets being to low. Just had 1 on Monday. Felling a little wiped out on this one. Drinking lots of water, protien shakes and healthy food. Hope everyone is doing well.

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I'm glad to hear your chemo treatments are going well.  It's tough but for most people, it's doable.  Cheesy Queen was having a lot of trouble logging in too.  If it continues, you can report it.



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Hey Retired, Glad to hear your treatments are going well. Feeling wiped out is typical. Especially when your blood counts drop too low! Try to push yourself to walk a little bit if you can. Thanks for letting us know how you are doing.  :-)

Love and Hugs,


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Hi, Retired, so glad to hear that your chemo treatments are going well so far...gives me hope as chemo is in my near future.  Sending good vibes that all continues well for you!   Hugs and Cheers, LL

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Lou Ann M
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So glad that the Chemo is going well for you, or at least tolerable.  Low platelets were a problem that I had quite often.  Fatigue is a very common side effect.  Happy to hear that you are able to eat and drink well, That will help,you a lot.

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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Glad you are doing well despite that one incidence of low platelet count. Will be praying for you! Thanks for your update. It really encourages and helps others who are currently or will be going through the same thing.


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Glad you are doing so well. I, too, have had to skipp my chemo, twice this cyce and it is suppose to be my last treatment.  I was suppose to have chemo last Friday but I flunked my blood test and found out today I flunked again.  Low platelets and ANC.  Will try again next week.  Frustrated and, yes, very fatigued, but we are headed in the right direction.  We will make this.

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