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Hi Friends

I'm new at this, I am on day 26 of cycle 1 with SUTENT, my left kidney was removed for 6 months with metastases in the lung and now I hope this medicine will result .... I have 53 years and considered myself very healthy until the beginning of this year ... so far the side effects were high blood pressure that has already been controlled by my cardiologist and now this well and now only have two things that cause me some discomfort, dizziness and pain and sores in the mouth, will in the next cycle these effects they will disappear? what can I do to improve pain in the mouth?

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because I have been lucky in that I have not experienced this directly.  BUT, I worked in a hospital for many years and I know your oncologist is most likely familiar with something they often refer to as "magic mouthwash".  Please, please let them know you are suffering so they can prescribe something for you!

Magic mouthwash has lidocaine in it to numb and a couple of other ingredients like mylanta to soothe.

I hope in some small way this helps,

God Bless,



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I got these with Votrient and PDL1 but fortunately not with Sutent.  from experience i can say that the magic mouthwash does a pretty good job taking the pain down a notch.  Another thing i found useful was a gargle made from sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and sodium chloride (salt)  i use a 2 tablespoons of sodium bicarb and 1/2 teaspoon of salt per 16oz of water and rinse my mouth with it every time i am in the bathroom.  If i have active sores i will use the rinse just before i use the magic mouthwash.

Hope it helps


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thank you, tomorrow I will already provide

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