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MMMT Stage 3C1 - 5 Year Survivor today

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As of today I am five years clean from Stage 3C1 MMMT (carcinoma sarcoma) Uterine Cancer.  


I was 55 when I was diagnosed.  Tumor in Uterus was stage 1A but I had 2 microscopic cells in 1 lymph node so it was upgrade to stage 3C1. 


Very brief history, I was post-menopausal in 1992 at age 36. In 2004 started spotting again went to my regular gynecologist Dr. Connie Roberts at UT Southwestern Medical Center performed a D & C and everything was normal and clear.  I had yearly PAP’s and in Sep 2010 had a colonoscopy which was normal. 


March 7, 2011 started bleeding and intense pain. Went to regular gynecologist Dr. Roberts she performed another D&C with hysteroscopy March 25. The results went to pathology.

April 1, 2011 got the call from Dr Roberts that the pathology report was back and it was cancer. 

She scheduled an appointment Monday 4 April with a gynecologic oncologist at the Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center on the North Campus of UT Southwestern Medical Center.  Dr. Jayantha Lea is a Gynecological Oncologist doctor and was chosen for me.  She is a God send and remains my doctor today.  She is patient and caring and takes time to explain everything. 

On April 8, I had a total abdominal hysterectomy with the uterus, tubes, ovaries, cervix removed including the Omentum.  I started chemotherapy treatment with Carboplatin / Paclitaxel on May 6, for 6 treatments every 21 days at the Cancer Center.  Day 14 after the first treatment I lost my hair in clumps then buzzed it with a #1 electric razor then later used shaving cream and a razor to shave it bald.

Last treatment day was 22 Aug 11.  To celebrate my five year mark I went a got my very first and probably last tattoo to mark the milestone.  It is a butterfly with a peach ribbon and a roman number V.  I have to admit it hurt like the dickens but I figure I have come through cancer and I can make it through this too. It is my new picture.  

One thing I learned from all of this is to keep a positive attitude.  I went into this journey as OK, I have cancer, let’s take care of it, get it out, get the treatments and move on.  I found out that I was stronger than I thought I was.  Yes I had a few bad days but on the whole it was positive.  One thing I tell women that ask me questions about what my symptoms were and how did I know something was wrong, the answer is no one knows your body better than you, keep in tone with it.  When something just does not feel right go to your doctor.  If the doctor just says you’re going through the change and you do not like that answer find another doctor that will listen to you and your concerns and actually will run some test to determine if anything is going on.  Do not just take the answer that nothing is wrong.  Prayers and good luck to everyone that is on their journey through this thing called cancer.


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Yeah, Trish!!!  

Virtual hugs to you my friend!  

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BC Brady
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Congratulations! Your disease sounds similar to mine - your anniversary gives me hope. Thank you.


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I love hearing these stories!!  Congratulations on your five year anniversary and thank you for sharing your story with us.



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Stories like yours give all of us hope!   And I love your tattoo!

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Thank you for sharing your story, Trish! I love your attitude and advice. Wishing that you remain NED forever! Kim

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Thanks for your inspiring story. I wish I had more of your positive attitude.

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Congrats on your 5 year mark Trisha! What a GREAT way to celebrate. Love your tattoo. :-)

I'm a big chicken when it comes to needles.  Not sure a tattoo would ever be in my future!

I hope we can all share many anniversaries together.

Love and Hugs,


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Thanks to everyone that has commented.  Yes I feel good.  I go back for my (I guess) official check up in October with my Gyn Onc dr. I worry that now I wll go to yearly check ups but will have to wait and see.  It is a one day at a time journey.  I cannot give health tips, what to do, what drs to go to becuase I did not change anything from the time I was told I had cancer and now.  It is taking one day at a time and carrying on.  

I also cannot lie getting this tattoo was a right of passage for me.  I made it to five years and I wanted to mark the occasion in a big way.  No bigger than a tattoo.  Yes I hate needles but sitting through this just made me a bit stronger in my own eyes.  I choose the butterfly becuase it is free, purple is my favority color and of course the peach ribbon and the number 5 for 5 years.  So the tattoo does have meaning for me.  Praying for everyone that has just started their journey, those in the middle and those at the end, may they one day find a cure for this and make it easier to go through it.  Stay strong. trish

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Today is the first time I've read your story. It's a comfort and an inspiration to me. Wishing you many more years of NED.

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i am so happy for you. xxxooo


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I am so happy for you Trish.  It is always encouraging to hear that one of us is able to celebrate a 5 year anniversary. 

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Lou Ann M
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I am so happy for you, Lou Ann

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Pure awesomeness.  So very pleased.

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I need to hear these kids of stories since this was the kind of cancer i was diagnosed with.  Yea!!!!!

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I love the butterfly Trish. And the entire picture you designed. And, the message.

Butterflies, Hummingbirds and DragonFlies and my three go to pictures in my home.

When I make it 5 years..... maybe, just maybe I'll grow up to be brave and do something like that too! I have a long time until then to talk myself into it. :-)

Love and Hugs,


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5years!! How wonderful and what an inspiration for all of us:)

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Thank everyone for their continued good wishes and I wish the same back to all of you.  It is a big battle.  Small things like someone reaching a five year anniversary is a big deal in this world of cancer.  I know I always was looking for those moments when someone reached it.  There have been many of this site that did not reach this goal so it is a big deal.  I pray all of you reach this goal too and for those that did not make it, I pray for them too and their families.  trish

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Hi Trish:

  Congratulations on reaching your 5 year mark - I am very happy for you that you have reached this huge milestone!

  I wish you all the best for the future.


a/k/a Jane

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Double Whammy
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Congratulations, Trish!  Wonderful, wonderful news.  And I love the tattoo.


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Reaching the 5-year mark is wonderful news! Encouraging for us all!

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Thanks for the continued good wishes and I wish them back at all of you.  The tattoo is healing nicely but no one telled me that it would dry up and peel skin.  It has finally stopped peeling and the reddness is gone so it is looking a lot better.  It has been 3 weeks now so it should be healed completely now. Or at least that is what my tattoo artisted said.  praying for all you ladies that are still going through the journey, but then we are all still going through it just at different stages.  trish

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I am so happy for you. Your story gives me hope for my mom.

Praying for your continued NED!

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I also have MMMT uterine cancer.  Your news is soooo wonderful. Enjoy the tattoo. 

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Hurray for reaching the 5 year mark!





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