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Osteosarcoma Amputees

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I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma late of last year and recently needed a mid-thigh amputation. I will be getting casted for my prosthesis and wanted to ask for anyone's personal experiences with getting used to thier prosthesis and getting back to their old selves. Thanks!

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hi my friends daughter, 14, has only survived one year after diagnosis with osteosarcoma. she started with a lump on her ankle and on diagnosis it was found in her hip, shoulder and lungs. very unusually it then spread to her pancreas. then her wrist and thumb. chemo had v little or no effect, the osteosarcoma spread regardless. her life on a year with chemo was horrendous. she had no quality of life. now the hosp has withdrawn the chemo and they are waiting for her to pass. i havent found any info on line about such a case on line. can someone please help? does anyone else been through this.?

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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. My wife had osteosarcoma in High School and had to get a titanium bone replacement. It was very difficult for her but she is doing a lot better now and lives a very happy life. She now has a website that we both work on which focuses on helping people get back on their feet after cancer. You might find it helpful. I'll post the link below. Either way, I just wanted to share that there is hope and things definitely get better. :)


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Hello. I recently completed chemotherapy at the end June 2016. Since then I have experienced these joint pains that seem to happen when my body remains in a resting position for a good amount of time. My joints ache and my fingers get stiff as well. I have to move them around a little more before the aching goes away. I wake up stiff too. Has anyone else experience this? My oncologist mentioned this may be a side effect from the chemo.

The cancer resulted in a below the knee amputation of my foot. I am currently getting used to a prosthesis right now and its getting better but not 100%. I am however experiencing issues with my other foot. I am having pain around my ankle area and was told I have inflammed tendons for overuse of my foot since it's been my only weight bearing body part during my chemo and until I started with the prosthesis. Has anyone else experienced this type of issue?

Just looking for some sort of explanation or shared experience. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts. Thank you.

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Hi. I'm so sorry for what you're going thru. I'm a new amputee and understand the pain and fatigue I have in my remaining foot and leg. I was nonweightbearing pretty 5 years before amp and haven't figured out how to completely relieve the soreness, but noticed that rest, massage and stretching have helped a lot. I hope you get some relief soon

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Hi. I'm new here. I actually haven't been formally diagnosed yet. It started 5 years ago with pain in my right foot. I don't like to go to the doctor so I waited. 5 mos later, I couldn't take it and went . It was a bone lesion on my 4th metatarsal. Several surgeries later, my foot was still trying to collapse. A bone scan showed now something in my heel. Something made a hole. Btw, the docs dropped the ball and biopsies weren't done. They filled my heel with bone cement and pretty much sent me on my merry way. Finally my foot collapsed as well as having a cluster of soft tissue tumors. 3 days later they rushed to amputate below the knee. I thought that was the end of it all, but 6 weeks into recovery, I fell and had to have an xray which showed cortical bone destruction consistent with either a bone infection or tumor on my tibia near end of my stump. My primary said it wasn't infection and wanted to send me to an Oncologist. I remember crying asking her if I was in trouble. I couldn't believe this was happening. After 5 years, 11 surgeries and sacrificing most of my leg, it still wasn't over. I went to the Oncology appt only to be told that this was bad and I needed an orthopedic oncologist. I'm scheduled tomorrow for MRI. This being my 3rd bone lesion, down to 100 pounds and tons of pain, I'm pretty scared. I just want them to hurry, get a correct diagnosis, start getting treatment and move forward. 

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