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Incision question

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Hey all

They used surgery glue when doing my incision which is about 9 inches. It started as a laporscopic but ended up being a radical nephrectomy. Anyway, the surgical glue is finally starting to come off, surgery was 6/29, and I now have oozing where under the glue is breaking up. It's cleat to pinkish but Im wondering if anyone else has had oozing issues as well. I will be calling my doc in the morning to make sure this is normal or something I need to be seen about but just curious if others have had issues with incisions and recovery. 

hey ker 

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Yes I did.

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But curious to hear what your doctor has to say about that.

Good luck,


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That is a new one on me.  My first one I came to with almost 50 staples across my gut.  Just before I checked out they were pulled and replaced with four stripps of tape.  I figured they found out I did not have insurance. 


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Going to call doc again in am to be seen. It was oozing insanely tonight. No fever, no real redness but itching like crazy. The glue is flaking off like shards of glass and seems to be making it worse. Yay me not. Have a good night everyone. 


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No doubt you're getting this resolved by now. Hope so, anyway. 

For when the ITCH hits, whether you're an adult post-surgery or a kiddo post-TBall -- if you know you can tolerate them your usual antihistamine and/or Benadryl could help. Also a cold compress (not for too long, maybe 15-20 minutes max), obviously not right on the skin. The favorite cold compress at my house is a bag of frozen peas, wrapped in a kitchen towel (After you're done, just add a box of mac and cheese plus possibly a can of tuna or diced tofu -- and you have dinner).  Multi-tasking is good. 

The itching means your body's healing mechanism is working.  Great news, but still! Anyway, apparently histamines -- those same little thingies that give you hayfever -- get your body's troops rallied for a chemical response and a physical response in the healing process. 

Not to mention the itch response from you. Gah!

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