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Bartholin Cyst

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I think I have a Bartholin Cyst. I am going to the Gyn. this Wednesday. But, this morning it was pretty sore. then i started bleeding like a period for 2 hours and spotting the remainder of the day.. Is that normal.. Anyone????

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arndog64, everyone is different so it is hard to say what it is.  You are seeing your doctor and that is the best thing to do.  Let us know how it goes.  

Take care

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I had one four years ago, right gland. But never experienced bleeding. I had to have surgery for her to drain it because it got so large. I couldn't sit or walk without it being so painful! It was almost the size of a golf ball- crazy i know 

I hope you're appointment goes well. They should be able to tell right off the bat just by looking at the gland. It is an easy fix. Try taking a warm bath with Epsom salt. that really helped me. Also ice packs down there helped. Before and even after the surgery. If it does not get too bad they might try to drain it in the office, and if it comes back worse- like mine- youll have surgery but recovery was quick

im currently on these boards because im in the process of checking for vulvar cancer :(

keep us posted 

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