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Best News

Red Corvette
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Joined: Jan 2016

My wife had her first post front line treatment doctor appointment with her gyneoncologist. Her ct scan last week came back all clear and her CA125 yesterday was 7.5 Doctor said she is now NED and in remission. Next check up is in 3 months and this doctor doesn't do further scans unless there's any symtoms so no scananxiety for her. Doctor said there's no evidence that doing scans is better than watching for symptoms if there's a reoccurence so this sounds ok. 

It's been one crazy journey this past six months with getting through surgery, chemo, and radiation but we're through it and out the other side. Thanks to everyone on this wonderful board for your help, advice, and encouragement. It has been a godsend to us and we plan on continuing to hang around and try to help others dealing with uterine cancer.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Red Corvette

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That is great news.  Give your wife a high five for me!  Take real good care of NED.

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Lou Ann M
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What great news.  I am so happy for you both.  May you dance with NED forever.

Lou Ann

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Great News Red! NED is a wonderful place to be.

Love and Hugs,


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Wonderful news!  I am so happy for both of you.  May she dance with NED forever.



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happy happy happy for both of you!!!

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That is such wonderful news! I hope you two are celebrating this weekend - you deserve it! May she forever be NED!

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Wonderful news!  I hope you two celebrate.

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Yea!!   I hope to get there one day too.  Thanks for the hope.

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Fantastic news!

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That is wonderful news for you and your wife!!!!!  Thanks for sharing!



Anonymous user (not verified)

How wonderful, and don't let a day pass both of you by without living life to the fullest!  Hugs Nancy

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Congratulations, Red and sweet, determined wife. You guys have been a wonderful attribute to this site. Your wisdom, encouragement, and support have been greatly appreciated. May she remain NED and you both live a long and healthy life, seeing every day with a new and grateful perspective.

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SWEET WORDS!  Hope you hear them forever. such great news.  

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