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Radiation II

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I finished radiation on Monday with no idea if it worked or not.  My radiation doctor said they can't scan for one month because the radiation can work for several weeks beyond the treatment.  My esophogous was injured and my chest feels like I have a  ball in stuck in there.  The doctors say this is temporary and will stop after a couple of weeks.  I am on a two week treatment free period, than on the 27th I have a date with IL2, I cant wait I have really been wanting to lose some more weight anyway.  Hope everyone has a great week and even better health.


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The radiation effects can vary. My first sessions I rode my motorcycle to all of them. I never noticed any effects. Next time I was so fatigued and had esophogeal ulcers. I just finished another series and all my pain ramped up for 3 weeks before starting to settle down. I won't get scanned for 6 weeks after my last session. As far as IL-2 goes, I have seen people who had no issues. It was difficult for me to handle. Even for weeks or more afterward. But the exciting news is that as the dna damaged tumors break down, the IL-2 more easily targets the cancer cells. I hope this works that way for you. Get ready for a ride.

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I am hoping that I don't have to do radiation again.  I did'nt really feel it until the Saturday before last Monday when they gave me my final treatment.  Since then I have had fatigue all week and as I said esophogous issues and the lump feeling I hope they go away because they make me very uncomfortable.  I was told by the IL2 specialist that the more I feel symptoms of the IL2 the better chance that it is working so it is a double edged sword I guess, I don't want the side effects but if I have them I can only hope it is working.   Thanks for the encouragment brother and I will report from the hospital next week. 


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Not exactly a walk in the park, but it cut my tumours in 1/2. I'd do it again if I wasnt doing so well at the moment.

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Let's hope that the side effects will pay off.


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You are in my thoughts and prayers, may the radiation works well, brings good news

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