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Where to buy short term health insurance.

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My husband's current job ended today, and he doesn't start his new job for 3 weeks.  Any advice on where I can buy short term health insurance for just one month?  The online sites I've looked at keep saying they are unable insure me (once I answer the question about ever having cancer, which I did last year).  Any advice?

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Your husband should be eligible under COBRA to continue the insurance you and he had with his former employer. As far as having had cancer or any other preexisting condition, under Obamacare insurance companies can not turn you down due to a prexisting condition. Hope this helps.

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Short term health insurance policies are exempt from the pre-existing conditions rules under Obamacare.  COBRA under your husband's insurance is probably your best bet.


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Whoever is in charge of human resources at your husband's previous employment can give him the details. Cobra is paid monthly so you and your husband can decide how long you will need it.


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According to my friend who sells insurance, you will be better off cost wise with cobra versus Obama care.

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I think you have 30 days to decide about COBRA.... so you could wait to see if you had to see a doctor, be hospitalized, etc. It's one of the few times you can go backwards.  Check with his work's HR department.  You'd only have to buy it if, in retrospect, you needed it.



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