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A quick update before the real update

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Morning all,

I am off for my first 6 week PET-CT scans tomorrow since taking Votrient. Anxiety levels are actually pretty low - the results will be what they will be without me worrying about them. This casual attitude could well change over the next 48 hours waiting for the results, but if I have to change treatment course then so be it.

In the 10 weeks since diagnosis life has changed pretty rapidly. I spent a week in Australia exploring the viability of returning home, came back to Singapore and handed in my notice. I return to Australia in about 8 weeks but will continue to work full time until then. Being home was just so good and provided a good reminder that this disease impacts on my entire family, not just me. Now for the challenges of moving internationally.

Working full time has been a challenge both phyically and mentally. Physically for the obvious reasons - 4 weeks was way to early to return to work after a full radical neph! Mentally for obvious reason but also for some surprising ones. I found that because I returned to work so quickly everyone assumed that I was 'cured' and are surprised when I am violently ill from SEs or look like hell. I have actually been challenged by one or two people about my diagnosis - do I really have cancer? Who the hell would fake this s**t? The other challenge has been the public ownership of my body - close colleagues wanting to know my BP results or wanting to see my lab results...feels very strange to be so publicly exposed. 

Anyway, I just thought I would post where I am at since I haven't updated for a while. Hope everyone is doing well.

Dani xo

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I went back to teaching full time having been off from May to August. Perhaps it wasnt so wise going back in the middle of my IL2 treatment, I think I made it through about 3 weeks before I had my second IL2 treatment which is when the sh1t hit the fan. Literally: I got colitus among other fine diseases. I was never able to work full time again and eventually found that, mainly due to side effects, I couldnt even guaruntee getting out of the loo, let alone make it to the classroom.

I think people being intrusive is probably an aspect of their caring. I dont think there is an etiquette book on "How to deal with a coleague with cancer"

Sounds like you're doing great. Personally I love your attitude and good luck with the tests.What am I saying? Youre a teacher. You'll always do well on tests.

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It's funny you should mention the people wanting information. I used to get that all the time especially since I am a big guy.  Everyone assumes that I should be 90 pounds by now and just lying in bed, they see me on my bad days and realized I am not making this up. As I posted on here before one day I started coughing up copious amounts of blood right in front of my students a few weeks ago and for the first time I think everyone in my building, including the cynical ones realized I am not making this crap up.  I have seen people that do make it up, just recently I saw a lady and her husband were prosecuted for starting a "GoFundMe" account because she claimed to be battling cancer and she was not, she was just lazy and did not want to work.  I like you thought what kind of arrogant person would ever claim such a horrible thing, but I guess some people are desperate and starving for acceptance and attention.  

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And because of those bad apples, I think it makes a lot of people suspicious.  Unfortunate as it may be. I too find it mind-boggling to say the least. 

Bless you and your courageousness!


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