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Had cath removed yesterday at 10AM- 2 pads soaked by bed time - Today, from 6AM till 11AM one pad only a little moist - hope I am on my way to a pad free life -

Pathology report not yet received ----




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    Good luck

    with the recovery from the surgery.

    And hoping that the pathology report will be positive with respect to your future well-being.

  • Will Doran
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    Best of Luck


    Best of luck for a speedy recovery.  It takes time, so be patient. Pad Free will be good.  But even more important is a PSA of "0", and clear MRI's. 

    I'm going to have blood work today, to check Testosterone and PSA plus a bunch of other things.  My PSA has held at "0" for 2 1/2+ years post robotic surgery, 8 weeks of Radiation, and two years of Lupron. I was a PSA of 69 and a Gleason of 7.  Stage pT 3b N1.  I've been off Lupron for three months and I'm hoping there will be no more need for ADT. 

    My hope and prayer for you is that you will see the same type of results in the future.

    Peace and God Bless


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    ED affairs

    Once free from the catheter, we should then proceed with post op care to recuperate to normalcy. This may include a change in life style and diets but it also includes the means to avoid ED to the maximum. In my case (back in 2000), I was fortunate for having a specialist in sexology (urologist) in my team of doctors. He recommended me to use Viagra and a pump and to masturbate frequently, not with the intent for sex but to oxygenate (keep alive) the cavernous "compartment" of the penis (blood flowing in and out). I used a pump during six month and since then I have managed to have erections free from "tools" but with a shorter penis and pointing to the 3, 4 o'clock direction at my best attempts. SRT in 2006 did not worsen the situation but HT lead me to a period of meaningless in sex affairs.

    I would recommend you to be active.