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Cough remedy needed

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Mets on lungs are causing an irritating dry cough practically all the time. Just come off Nivo due to progression and have started Votrient. If that doesnt work and cough gets really bad then onc says radiation will help.

In the meantime -I would love to here from anyone who has experienced a successfull remedy they can share.

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Are you on something like Lisinopril for blood pressure control?  It can cause a cough as a reaction to the drug.

A cough is your body's built in reaction to something that is irritating/crowding/causing inflammation in the lungs.  Basically to get it out of there!  And are the tumors causing additional production of inflammatory mucous?  If so, the cough is trying to help you.

It's spring and allergy season; are you affected in any way?  I seem to need Claritin D/24 hr. and a saline nasal spray on a daily basis. Mine started with only select pollens when I had my tonsils out as a kid.  Now I'm much more sensitive to molds, mildew, spores, and most pollens.

With the drugs you are on and the lung tumors, you may have developed a pollen allergy.

A friend is being treated for lung cancer (not a mets of another kind) and as the tumors have shrunk (monitored via x-ray), the coughing has been reduced.

Hope this helps you ask questions of your doc.  And he may be able to prescribe a cough suppresent so you can at least get some sleep.  And have you tried elevating the head of your bed, or putting another pillow on your side, so the mucous your sinuses produce don't  create the tickle that will make you cought?

Good luck,



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Thks for yr reply

No- not on any blood pressure meds. Dont normally suffer from allergies either, but you make a good point.  Doc did prescribe some cough suppressant but I dont believe it was effective. I guess Im hoping Votrient kicks in soon and lung met shrinks which should alleviate cough issue




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I too have a bad cough and to honest I have tried everything cough syrups, prescription suppresents, etc.  What I found works best in the daytime was cough drops that helped a great deal. At night I was given a new syrup with vicadin and basically it just puts me to sleep.



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I don't know if this will help you or not but my adult daughter has always gotten severe bronchitis.  The only over counter cough suppressant that helps her is a cough drop made by "Delsum". Hope you find some relief.


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