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Gleason 8 Had surgery, now what?

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Hi, My name is Eric Goodman, age 46. Had gleason 8 prostate cancer, had surgery, they found cancer on the seminal vessel, which they took out. Now I'm faced with weather or not to do radiation. Everywhere else shows no sign of cancer, the lymph nodes, bone scans, etc. I would still like the use of my equiptment and I'm afraid radiation will harm what's left. It's hard to know who to listen to as profit seems to be a factor rather than what's best for me.

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Usually dr's wait for a few tests of your PSA before they talk treatment. They took the seminal vessels and not your nerves? If so then your PSA, if it works, will be the deciding factor. Do not sweat it until you know what they are doing. Good luck


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Eric, how long ago was your surgery? Also I would suspect that you are on some type regular doctor visits along with psa testing. My doctor has me on a 6 to 8 week rotation for PSA testing and visits. Also when you talk to the doctor ask them about ED issues and treatments. My doctor started me on the pills and monitors my sexual function. As far as treatment goes, the doctor might have you on AS right now. Take you time and look at all of the treatment options, donot just jump at this first one. Now is the time to start asking the doctor a lot of questions. Have them explain each treatment option and the side effects. Welcome to the Group


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The cancer is like an octopus with tenticles everywhere.  Targeted surgery doesn't make sense.  Nuking a large area makes more sense to me.  I'm no expert so I'm opting for the seeds and radiation beam.

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Welcome to the board.

For the most part, the threads that you posted to are inactive.  Many of these posters have not posted in years.

If you wish, and are looking for input, or simply to voice what is going on, I suggest that you start a new thread.




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Butch: I posted a similar response in another thread requesting that you stop posting to stale threads that are many years old.  Please start your own thread if you have something to say or have a question that you need answered.

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