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Onc appt

Chris17's picture
Posts: 175
Joined: Oct 2010

Tomorrow i see the Onc to get labs done and will find out if my white cell count is getting better, if not then she will want bone biopsy, i am thinking positive, she will order the PET scan i have been wanting that will show if anything is active,no matter the out come, i am not letting it slow me down, got too much to do this year! Will post more after i find out more.






paella's picture
Posts: 81
Joined: Jun 2012

Wondering how it went and if you heard what you'd been hoping to hear.  Fingers crossed!


Chris17's picture
Posts: 175
Joined: Oct 2010

Well Doc said my cell counts are on the rebound and going back up, told her about the PET scan, she said that she wants to wait for a bit and have me do labs again in 8 weeks, and she said that as far as shes concerned i am in remission. Of course i still feel apprehensive, but that will never totally go away, so shes ordered a bone density test and hip x rays, my left hip where i had the bone biopsies has been really pianful over the last 2 months, she said that its possible the steriods i had to take have caused some damage, so will see what the scan and x rays says and will post more soon.


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Joined: Mar 2015

Glad to hear the counts are going in the right direction. My boss has been in remssion 8-9 years now, yet if any of her Dr.s even hints at cancer she starts to worry. Hopefully all tests and reports will be good.

illead's picture
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Joined: Aug 2012

That is wonerful news Chris.  I totally understand why you are apprehensive, I think some of that is to prepare yourself for the worse so you don't get too let down.  You are the expert in that and you have been so brave and encouraging to all of us.  My wish is for a very full and happy summer, so hoping you can move ahead.


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