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My Apifiny Blood Lab Results

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hi, everyone.
today, i received my non PSA apifiny results. the results had two categories: 
0 - 59, is the lower risk for category. 
60 - 100, is the higher risk category. 

my score was 41. my uro wants to do a repeat PSA blood exam in one month. if my PSA is still elevated or above 5.5, he wants to continue with the recommended biopsy. on march 4th, my uro performed a DRE before drawing blood to check my PSA. the PSA result was a 6.2. i said of course, my PSA was elevated, he [my uro] performed a DRE before drawing blood.

since my apifiny results put me in the lower category for having PC, i don't understand why wouldn't my uro prescribe some type of antibiotics to see if my PSA would go down. what do you think i should do?

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The PSA can vary due to several reasons apart from cancer. Any action causing sort of massaging (like DRE), hyperplasia and infection (UTI) or inflamation (protitis) are also typical coulprits for an elevated PSA.

I think you wouldn't loose anything for takng antibiotics/antiimflamatory medication/protocol for two weeks, followed by a PSA one month later, before deciding on a biopsy. In fact doctors execute several exams (X-ray, ultrasounds, CT, etc) to identify the bandit, if any, and will end the investigation with a biopsy to diagnose the patient. Please read this;



Old Salt
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from a 'neutral' source.

I agree with Vasco that treatment with an antibiotic might be (!) helpful. On the other hand, I have read that typical antibiotics may fail to cure such infections. Or, in other words, prostate infections are hard to treat.

hopeful and opt...
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Samuel, .........First here is the initial thread that you posted. It is best to post all of your information on one thread, so that all the information about your case is in one area, and comments can be made using all information, so you can have better answers.


Antibiotics may reduce the PSA level, however be aware that when one is admistered antibiotics, an immunity to the drug can develop.

In your initial thread, you mentioned that your prostate is large, and you had a recent biopsy. There is a ratio between  PSA and prostate size which should be  0.15 or less....your prostate size should be in the biopsy report........................................

You mentioned that you changed doctors,,,,,,are you still at Emory, where they do a targeted biopsy, that is , either an MRI guided biopsy in real time, or first a MRI , then  a three dimension biopsy machine targets suspicious lesions,......if that is so, I would, after reviewing the results of the various tests that you have had,  consider getting one of these advanced test at an appropriate time.......(I think that you had a biopsy at the end of  2015, which is less than six months ago). Your doctor has to review the various tests that you have had, to make a decision.







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i emailed emory to please send me the size of my prostate. no, i'm not still with emory. if my psa is still elevated and my present uro still recommends a biopsy in july, i will ask for the 3T MRI, if he says no, then back to emory i go. my first and only biopsy was in aug of 2014


12.18.2013 | Turned 40 yrs. old

07.09.2014 | Annual physical 

07.11.2014 | P.S.A. 5.5 Referred to Urologist

07.29.2014 | Urologist performed DRE found nothing.

08.19.2014 | Biopsy performed

08.25.2014 | Diagnosed with Asymptomatic Inflammatory Prostatitis & BPH

07.23.2015 | P.S.A. 5.9; Scheduled to take PSA Total and Free

12.18.2015 | Turned 42 years old.

01.14.2016 | P.S.A. 7.6

03.04.2016 | Changed Urologists; P.S.A. 6.2


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