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For the past 2 years my CA 125 has been <6. I had clear cell uterine camcer and had chemo and radiation. This time my CA 125 was 8 and while the chemo nurse says no worries my doctor says let's recheck in one month. Does anyone else habe any issues with fluctuations in ca 125? 

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Hi LM,

Your fluctuation is really pretty small. When I was diagnosed with UPSC, mine was 22. AFTER surgery it jumped to 90.  My last check it was in the 30s and that was after chemo completion. There are many things that can cause it to change. Even a cold.

I hope this helps so that you don't have to worry about things!

Love and Hugs,


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The CA-125 may not accurately reflect the presence or absence of cancer and a rise can be caused by other factors, such as inflamation.  8 is not much different than a 6 and both are quite normal.  I had my first CA-125 three weeks after my surgery and it was a 22.  Since then it has been as low as 8 and the last time I had it done it was 12. Whether or not the increase by 4 points means anything- well, I don't know.  I think I read somewhere that if it doubles than perhaps you should be concerned.  Anything below 35 is normal.

I think you are doing great!


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I saw my doctor today for my three month checkup and she said my CA125 can't be used as an indicator for cancer since it was 6 right before they did my hysterectomy and found the cancer had spread.  No CT scan or any other biopsy (PAP) either today.  She told me everything looked great after doing a vaginal exam and poking my belly and checking my lymph nodes in my neck and under my arms.  I guess I have to believe her!

Hoping the best for you!!!



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It happened to Me
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Eldri and LM, My CA125 was 9 when I was diagnosed with UPSC.  It has gone down to 3 and now is 6.  I was watching this too closely and when it went from 4 to 6, my ARNP saw my face drop.  My ARNP suggested we not do anymore unless I had symptoms because it wasn't a good indicator for me.

Hooray for your good 3 month check up.  Celebrate each step toward the 5 year mark.  Trust your healthcare professional when they do the exam.  Make sure you ask any questions even if they seem trivial.  I do that every visit and they appreciate it.  If you are having pain with the exams, ask them to use more lube or a smaller speculum, they need to know those things.


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I think we all understand the anxiety of changes, especially when they go up, when it comes to our CA125.  As the ladies said, a cold could elevate it, so please try not to get to worried about it right now.  Heck, my doctor's office has a preprinted card that says "anything less than 30 is normal".  The person filling it out underlined several times "normal" on my card.  It made me laugh.  Scans, CA125, a doctors visit - all can make us worry.  Please don't dwell on this and keep living every minute!


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There is a blood test, the he4, that is believed to be a good indicator of pelvic malignancy when done along w the ca125. Once I am out of frontline treatment and am being monitored only I am asking my oncologist to run both tests. Here is an article explaining how / why the two tests are better than one:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3273415/

If it ends up I my insurance will not pay for the he4, I will gladly pay out of pocket for the piece of mind. 



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Ok, I just got my blood test results form 3-7 and it was the first time I saw anything about the c-125 results. It said mine was in the normal range. I think it was 11. I have many questions about a lot of the blood test abbreviations and what they stand for. My dr didn't have time to address those on that date as it was my short appt before chemo. I am emailing the nurse today about this as she usually gets right back to me with info. I have researched online and never found anything about these abbreviations. I know what the normal regular ones mean, but not the others and I never find anything about them.

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