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Ladies 2

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Joined: Sep 2011

Just received permission from her husband to post that Ro10, Roberta, passed from this life on Sunday Au. 2, 2015.  According to her husband Tom, she begain to cough up blood and the hospital was unable to save her.  Her obit will be this Wed. ot Thurs. in The Quincy Herald Whig, Whig.com, Roberta K. Wienkoff.  The funeral will be this Friday.  This is a very hard one for me since Ro and I have the same UPSC cancer.  Sorry to break this to you all.  I missed her and decided to go looking for her.  Her husband kindly let me know.  Love to all Debra     Rest well Dear Friend, you have won your battle and received your Reward!

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Joined: Oct 2013

Oh I am so sad to hear this! Ro was such a fighter and a great inspiration to us all. I will miss her sage advise and kind words. Rest easy Ro, your suffering is over!  Sandy

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Joined: Jun 2012

This hurts so much.

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I don't post often, but browse frequently. Was always interested to read what Ro had to say. Always so caring and willing to share. Peace to her friends & family. She will surely be missed.


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Joined: Jun 2015

I am so sad. And, Ro had been on my mind for the last several days. I will miss her wisdom and caring responses. Rest in peace our dear friend.

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Joined: Nov 2009

Oh no Debra:

I was wondering where Ro was.   She was one of the original ladies who helped me when I came aboard.  I know she was having trouble with that darn cough.  Her posts and her positive thoughts will surely be missed.  Her picture with those flowers always made me smile.

I am so deeply sadden to hear this.   I joined the same year as she did.   Please pass on to her husband how special she was, but I am sure he already knows that.

Hugs to you Debra.


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Lou Ann M
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Joined: Feb 2015

I have also been thinking of Ro the last few days, wondering if she got to make her trip to the 3 National Parks.  I guess she went to an even more beautiful place.  Peace to her family and friends.  Love, Lou Ann

Many years ago, a 1st grader's mother told me that her daughter was very upset because people were telling her they were sorry that her grandmother had died.  Kelly said her grandmother was in heaven and everyone should be happy.  this has helped me a lot over the years.

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Kathy G.
Posts: 212
Joined: Dec 2012

Geez...I was afraid it was Ro...this truly breaks my heart!

She was one of the 'constants' on this board...always here to help others while sharing her own ongoing journey. I learned so much from her, and it wasn't just about cancer! She was the ultimate warrior...never stepping back from the fight. Her description of what she went thru this past year with the cough, treatments (that body thing that was molded to her...smh!), and her last few postings about being airlifted to the hospital made me admire her spirit & courage.

I did get the feeling for the first time that she was worried when she posted the last few times. That was unlike her. I believe her sign-off...'in peace & caring' just captured who she was & what she did.

Damn cancer! I know she was so looking forward to her trip, and was hoping that was why she had not posted the last couple weeks.

I will try to focus on her being in a better place, but that is so hard to do when such a treasure from the board is gone. I came on after Linda P. had passed...she left such a legacy...I did get to enjoy Mary Ann & Jan... & Ro was one of several 'regulars' who seemed to keep all of us calm, but informed. I have to believe she is in a better place after all she suffered thru!

Damn cancer!

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Joined: Jun 2015

to hear this.  When I first joined this board, I read many of Ro's past posts and was impressed by her kindness and wisdom.  She indeed was a treasure and singular spirit.

Posts: 683
Joined: Apr 2010

Revelation 21:3 He will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.  The former things have passed away.  A promise from our Great Creator.  Ro is resting until the resurrection.

Posts: 17
Joined: Feb 2013

Agree Nempark  love you!

Posts: 364
Joined: Mar 2013

Ro was such a gift to so many of us; encouraging, kind, open.  She made my journey much easier in many ways - I often envisioned her in her garden - doing things she loved and made sure I did the same.  She was always good about reminding us about our wonderful support systems in our journeys and I considered her to be part of "Annie's Army" as I do with all of you ladies.

sending hugs and as Ro would sign off - in peace and caring.  Rest gently my friend.  Anne

Posts: 514
Joined: Aug 2014

Our Creator and Lord I thank you for leading me to this board and Roberta's posts, thank you for using her posts, and the many other posts here to  convince me that I can handle this horrible disease and still cultivate peace of mind, caring ways, sharing ways and fighting to the finish ways ,while rejecting anger and despair. I am stronger because you created her and put her in my path / in our path to inform and strengthen us . In all of her needs I think she thinks that you have always been there I ask you now to lead  her home fully blessed,pain free and comforted at last.My Lord while you see to her eternal rest I humbly ask that you cradle her husband and family and save them from despair.For this and all other blessings you see fit to extend to us I say Thank You My Lord.


Posts: 514
Joined: Aug 2014

Thanks for informing us Debrajo, much appreciated. I am hugging you all in spirit. I can imagine the sadness and maybe fear that her passing will trigger. I hope we will all find some sunshine tomorrow after  this shadow is gone. Tomorrow may not be the day after this day so ask for added strength. To all of you who have known her for a long time, please reach out  if you are frightened,sad or falling, We will understand ,express yourselves,You won't be heavy.

Nuff,Nuff Love. Moli

HellieC's picture
Posts: 524
Joined: Nov 2010

I am so shocked to read this.  I had been wondering whether Ro was OK and whether she had managed to go on her trip.  I checked in today to see if she had posted anything.  To read this has, to be honest, knocked the stuffing out of me.

Although Ro and I had different types of womb cancer, she was always there to comfort whenever things got tough.  We shared the Cyberknife experience, having the treatment within weeks of each other.  There are so many times and so many ways that I have been grateful for her kind and gentle support. I always admired the way she handled her illness with courage, patience and dignity.

This wicked disease has claimed yet another beautiful, kind, intelligent woman.  It makes me so angry.

I hope and pray that Ro is now in a better place. I hope you will all forgive me for signing off this message with Ro's familiar words - it seems an appropriate tribute to someone who will be much missed.

My heartfelt condolences to her husband, family and friends.

"In peace and caring"



Posts: 87
Joined: Oct 2011

Just in shock!! Ro has been here since the beginning of my journey

and I hoped she'd be here forever.   She had a kind response for

everything anyone said.   This is indeed such a cruel disease.

May she be rewarded   for all her kindness!

Abbycat2's picture
Posts: 644
Joined: Feb 2014

This comes as a shock to me. Like many of you, I wondered how Ro was doing and if she enjoyed her trip. Like you, I checked frequently to see if she had posted anything. She was the first person who responded to my first desparate post. She will be greatly missed.


survivingsu's picture
Posts: 134
Joined: Apr 2013

This is sad news, I am so sorry about Ro.  I really liked her presence on this site, she was very upbeat and helpful.  I'm shocked because she was such a trooper, went through all kinds of treatment and shared all along the way.  I felt like she would always be on this site, a friendly, familiar face.  A truly remarkable woman that will be greatly missed by so many!

Posts: 245
Joined: Apr 2011


Thanks for letting us know about Ro.

I am so sorry and saddened to hear of Ro's passing. She was a friend of mine on the uterine board as were many other women.  I will miss her posts and hearing from her.  I will keep Ro in my thoughts and prayers.  We have lost another "sister".  Too many women from this cancer have passed away very sadly.  I know she battled UPSC a very long time.


NoTimeForCancer's picture
Posts: 2609
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Debrajo, thank you for sharing.  I don't know what to say.  I can't really accept this yet, I can't accept that this disease is allowed to continue to take the most beautiful souls in the world away from us.  I know God has opened his arms and welcomed her in a world free of disease and that Jan was there to dance together in joy. 

In the event anyone wondered who our dear, sweet Roberta was, here was her picture with all of her beautiful flowers.  How fitting.

Ro10's picture

God bless you my friend.  "In peace and caring" much love.

Posts: 364
Joined: Mar 2013

It inspired me so to live fully and live with, not in spite of, my cancer.  Hugs, Anne

fuzzytrouble's picture
Posts: 213
Joined: Feb 2009

Thank you for posting her picture. I have been away and come back once in awhile to see how everyone is doing. I was wishing I could remember her face and here she is. I have been on here on and off since 2009. Thank you again for letting me see Ro's sweet face.

Posts: 125
Joined: Sep 2010

So sad to read this. Thanks Debrajo for updating us. Ro was a warrior and she will be missed on here. Rest my friend, you deserve it.



sunflash's picture
Posts: 197
Joined: Aug 2011

Sending prayers to Ro's family as they cope with the passing of their precious Ro. She was indeed a warrior, dealing with this dreadful disease with dignity and grace.

 I am so saddened by this news, and for all the beautiful women that we have seen pass from this board. May they all be celebrating together in heaven, free from all pain and sadness at last!  

Sisters three
Posts: 165
Joined: Nov 2012

I will miss her calm and caring replies to everyone's posts. She is finally getting some peace from her cough. This is heart breaking. Rest in peace Ro. You made a difference in a lot of lives. Thank you For that!



DrienneB's picture
Posts: 186
Joined: Aug 2013

I am so sorry, along with the rest. Ro was a great source of information and encouragement.



Posts: 574
Joined: Feb 2013

It's really kind of scary how many of the women who have the biggest presence on this board are the ones we lose.  It almost seems like these women (Linda P., Jan, Ro, and others) are being punished for helping everyone out by explaining their own journeys with this awful desease.  Ro has suffered for so long with her cough.  She's finally at peace.  I'm the same age as she was but have been very fortunate to have taken a different path.  My last CA-125 was 6.3 in July and my CT scan was negative.  I had stage IVb UPSC five years ago.  I thank God for not having had the complications Ro did, and I hope many more of you can end up in remission like I have.    

Alexandra's picture
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Joined: Jul 2012

So sorry... It is incredibly sad and unfair. My heart goes out to the family and friends. Rest in peace, dear Roberta.

Thank you Debra for posting.

Posts: 32
Joined: Mar 2012

I was so saddened to hear about Ro.  May she rest in peace.

Posts: 64
Joined: Oct 2010

Thank you so much for letting us know.  She was always so kind and thoughtful  and so willing to share her experiences with all of us.   She will be missed very much.   Rest in peace now.   Sincerely Susan

SettledSue's picture
Posts: 55
Joined: May 2012

I was very sorry to read of Ro's passing. I learned so much from her. I will search for her obituary to find out more about her. Sue

SettledSue's picture
Posts: 55
Joined: May 2012
NoTimeForCancer's picture
Posts: 2609
Joined: Mar 2013

Thank you, Sue. 

Ro10's picture
Posts: 1579
Joined: Jan 2009

This is her husband Tom.   I do not kow much about this site.  This was always Ro's place to vent and share.   She would never tell me her fears.   She did not want to depress me.  We had a beautiful service for her on Friday.   This is one site for the obituary.  There is another at the Quincy Herald Whig ( whig.com )

I also have a special picture, that I thin will help a lot of you find comfort in her loss.  I put it on facebood under Tom Wienhoff.  If this doesn't work please send me your email address at trwienhoff@yahoo.com and I will forward it to you.

Sue if you could share this with the others I would appreciate it.            in peace an caring      Tom

Double Whammy's picture
Double Whammy
Posts: 2827
Joined: Jun 2010

Just reading this thread about losing our dear Ro.  I am without words.  She will be sorely missed by anyone whose life she touched.


NoTimeForCancer's picture
Posts: 2609
Joined: Mar 2013

Tom, thank you for coming here and posting to us.  You have brought tears to my eyes with this simple gesture and beautiful words.  It is not often we ever get to hear from a spouse of one of our warriors. 


DrienneB's picture
Posts: 186
Joined: Aug 2013

Thank you, Sue. I was looking for this earlier and could not seem to find it on my own.


TeddyandBears_Mom's picture
Posts: 1564
Joined: Jun 2015

Hi All, I emailed Tom this morning and he sent me a picture. It is incredibly special. I could not see it on FB and he said he will be opening up his FB page so that others outside of family can see it.  I tried to upload it to our site to share but was not successful. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Just wanted to send this to let you all know that it will bring you a lot of peace and joy when you see it.  Cindi

Posts: 47
Joined: Aug 2011

Debra, Thank-You for keeping us informed. We all are having a hard time with another Dear woman suffering. I have to lean on the thought that Ro is relieved from a crummy cough, and in the company of so many beautiful people we all miss. Ro was so positive, and strong, really, it's so hard to be there, in the moment. I look forward to seeing post from all of the ladies that continue to fight.

    I will continue to come back and appreciate the positive and sometimes sad information we all share.

I was dx 11/17/10, i have not had a reacurrance.

Ladies none know when it will be over for us, not even our Dr. We will Love each other through the days. I will miss your strength and determination  Ro!


Posts: 514
Joined: Aug 2014

I am humbled by all of this , Love the way she used her life,and to have her husband acknowledging us and doing Ro's final salute, ( Thank you sir.) is soul boosting or spirit boosting depending on one's belief. It makes my heart rejoice even in it's own  sorrow.  Excellent example for those of us who still can, to get up,get out and do,

Once per week is enough to feel sorry for ourselves, leaves ample time ,To Do..

                                                                                                       Nuff nuff love.


Cindy Bear
Posts: 570
Joined: Jul 2009

I am very sorry to hear of Ro's passing.. and yes a little shocked.. even though I should know by now that cancer doesn't play fair... and nothing should shock me. She always seemed so strong, so wise.. a voice of calm in this turbulent river ... Until a few months ago, she would say how she remained symptom free.. and like all of you, her special closing, "In peace and caring" will remain with me for a long time. Prayers to her family and friends, including all of the wonderful ladies on this site.





Hopeful162's picture
Posts: 82
Joined: Sep 2014

I have been away from the boards for a week out of town, so I am just now learning now of Ro's passing. I am very surprised and saddened along with the rest of you as I just thought she would always continue to pull through and be able to make her planned trips and continue to encourage us all with her warmth and wisdom.

As I read her obituary, I realized that we were born in the same year and married in the same month a year apart, and both diagnosed with UPSC, so all of this is very close to home for me, so to speak. She has made an impact in many lives that I suspect she never had any idea about through this site. May you rest in peace, Ro. Love to all who knew you both here and off the web.

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Just wanted to chime in and thank all of you and especially Tom.  I was able to see the picture on the FB post, and it brought Peace to my soul.  Thank you Tom, for sharing this very special person with all of us.   Even reading of our appreciation for Ro does not even begin to convey how helpful and calming she was to all of us.  May the Lord God of all of us grant you and the family Peace and Caring.  Best Debra(Jo)

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I also am the same age as Ro was.  In fact, she was born just two days before I was.

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I have been a member since 2011, but have never posted.  I have come here mostly to understand and lift my spirit.  I have seen a few people pass, but no one has hurt as much as Ro.  I identified with her because we are the same age, both have USPC, were diagnosed the same time and I had the same high dose radiation as Ro at the same time.  I felt stronger because she was doing great until she got that darn cough.  I had a mild version it, but it only latest a couple of months.  I felt so bad for her, but thought she would turn it around and get better.  Feeling so sad and a little lost. I always looked for her posts and she could always cheer me up.  I have recurred twice now and can no longer be cured,  but have survived 5 years. I'll look to the rest of you to get me through the next five.  Peace to you Ro.

NoTimeForCancer's picture
Posts: 2609
Joined: Mar 2013

kathyannea, your post moved me to tears.  It is nice to 'meet' you and we need to pray for those we know and those who quietly visit.  

foods55's picture
Posts: 37
Joined: Jul 2011

Ro touched so many lives on CSN and her legacy will live on in the hearts of so many forever.  Rest in peace Ro and enjoy your remarkabble next journey.


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Posts: 684
Joined: Apr 2011

I have not been on for a while and then to log on and see this is just devastatng to me.  At least she is at peace and not hurting any more,  but damn this hurts.  To many wonderful and loving people have been lost and each one has hurt but this one is bad for me becuase I was close to Ro and exchanged emails with her.  I will miss her a lot.


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