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Anyone have low GFR before removal of Kidney?

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I just read that I am in stage 3 kidney failure.  WTH, I am not overweight, not diabetic, don't have high blood pressure.  I am currently undergoing tests for blood in urine.  I am totall confused.  Looking back at my blood tests for the past year my GFR was 57 a year ago and 51 a few months ago with creatine at 1.1 and normal BUN.  Any idea's why my GFR is so low?

Of course it is Friday afternoon and I can't reach any of the doctors to discuss.


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Not sure this is the place to be asking this question. I'm not a doctor. You should see a doctor or a nephrologist. What you refer to as "kidney failure" is probably actually CKD (chronic kidney disease).

1.1 for creatinine is normal. GFR is almost always an estimate (usually labelled eGFR on your test results) and it's based on expectations of body mass related to your gender and race. If you are very muscular, for example, the estimate won't be accurate.

Many of us on here have Stage 3 CKD. I do. You'll be fine until you can see a doctor. It's not an emergency situation. I've had it for over 3 years. My numbers are way worse than yours. There are others on here worse than mine. There's really nothing for you to do until you see your doctor and ask. I really doubt it's anything to worry about. Certainly not to lose any sleep over the weekend.

As I remember 60 is the cutoff for normal. BTW, being dehydrated can throw these numbers off. Seeing as how your creatinine is normal, your kidneys are probably fine. Usually with CKD you would see both the creatinine and GFR off.

Best wishes,


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If you were having kidney failure or anywhere near your GFR would be a lot lower. I agree with Todd.




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I am almost 73 (ugh), female, and have an eGFR of about 38-43 with one kidney (since 2006).  Don't think anyone ever bothered to test for that prior to being Dx'd with Rcc Clear Cell.

My husband was sent to a Nephrology specialist because his BP was high, his blood sugar was high and he was Dx'd with Stage 3 CKD.  Although he had seen a dietician in the past, it just didn't sink in that every bit of food or fluid in his body was filtered thru the kidneys before exiting the body.  He wised up and got his CKD stabilized, without further progression lower than a mid 50's reading on eGFR.

While in the nephrologists office, I asked him specifically about myself and the readings I get.  He said I do not have CKD; I just have one kidney.  Evidently it makes a difference from the Dr's perspective and what is recorded in your charts.  If my readings were to drop suddenly, it would indicate something was wrong with the remaining kidney, run tests to find out what was happening, and prescribe or treat from there.

Meanwhile, call or ask your dr. for an answer.

Good Luck.



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