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Sickness and PET Scan

i am going have him call tomorrow and ask, but my husband went to the dr yet again for this ongoing cold. His throat was really bad, his ear were full of fluid, his glands in his neck are all swollen but his chest and lungs are clear. Due to how long it's been going on and that he can't shake it they gave him an antibiotic. His PET scan is Wednesday, am I right in thinking he might need to postpone it a week? Can't illness give a false positive, like those swollen lymph nodes? We really don't need anything else to worry over, what do you all think?


  • John23
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    “Any type of physical activity—from tapping your feet while in the waiting room to jogging the neighborhood the day before—can affect the results of a PET scan and lead to false-positive results,”

    As it measures chemical processes, certain activities, medications, and medical conditions can affect PET scan results, causing either a false negative or false positive reading. Before patients undergo a PET scan, doctors will advise them to avoid eating or drinking anything other than water, avoid exercise, and discuss medications and health issues to increase accuracy of results.


    Any cell that is in the healing process will uptake more glucose than a healthy cell. Any illness results in cells striving to heal to fight the illness.

    The total consensus, is any patient about to undergo a PET scan should notify the physicians involved of any medical problem or illness.

    It's pretty straight forward and makes good sense.

    Ya'see, you're inner voice (intuition) told you the right course to take just as it always does. Listen to it always, it's there to guide you.

    Best wishes,



  • Ruthmomto4
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    Thank you

    the oncologist had him reschedule for two weeks from now, the down side besides 2 more weeks of waiting is we have to wait a week from there (scan 2/24 results 3/2) to get the results since the doctor is away until then. Waiting is just part of the ride I guess