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Port accessed. Chugged the contrast.  Waiting to be taken in for pictures of my insides :)

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Thinking only the best for you!  This is all quite a ride.  Sending you prayers.

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I hope they gave you the one hour drink. What a difference my scan was this time, because they gave me the one hour drink and not the three hour, thick, white grossness. 

Do they give the radiation stuff through the port? They wouldn't do that for me, when I had one. 

Sue - Trubrit

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I've lost count of my scans but they are all a little nerve wrackin. Best wishes that you rock it!


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Get R Done, and get back to your routine, what ever that may be. The more stuff they make me do, the more my routines matter to me, the simple things........................................Dave

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Now just in waiting mode.  I am sure they are read, but need to wait for the big reveal.  I know you all know this part too Laughing

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