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?'s about Endometrial Stage 3C

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I was diagnosed with Endometrial Stage 3C on the 7th of December 2015. In the meantime, I had a mammogram which cameback with several abnormal spots. Biopsies were preformed & results came back on 1 that it is cancer. Met with the Gyn-Oncologist towards the end of December & was told that the cancer had also spread into my Uterine & Lymph Nodes. I haven't been called back as of today. I've been told that I will have a radical hysterectomy & since the cancers are not confined I will have to have open surgery. I will have to have Chemo after the surgery.I have high bloop pressure along with uncontrolled diabetes.


My 1st question is:  How long does it take to hear back & for something to happen?

2nd question:  How long does it usually take for the cancers to spread?

3rd question:  What are my survival chances for having the 3 cancers at once. I've tried to research this & haven't found any info.


I'm getting very emotional, mad & bursting with crying. All I can think of is my children & grandkids, I'm 51 years young.

Any & all replies would be much appreciated at this point. Thanks for letting join this board. I don't know where is else to turn.



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So sorry for all your trouble, dear!  You want answers...now and we understand this very well.  In my opinon, you should have heard back by now.  You have to be your own advocate and fight for the right treatment, scans, appointments, ect.!  I have uterine cancer 1a,grade C.  This is a rare board so not a lot of traffic since it is rare.   I was 57 at dx.  If you will post over on the Uterine Board, we deal with a lot of Endometrial cancers, uterine cancer, mets,ect.  I think you will get a lot more feed back over there.  I'll be there soon.  Best, Debrajo  

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