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New Doctor or Paranoia?

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A little over 3 years ago I had my first abnormal pap and was told I have hpv, dysplasia and precancerous cells. Treatment was cryo. Doc said if I have 3 normal paps I'm in the clear. Until then get a pap every 6 months. I moved and no longer have that doc. I found a new doc continued paps and they are still coming up abnormal. I have had 6 abnormal paps  in a row. Here's the thing my doc only does the pap. He did say my insides are a mess and that I start bleeding instantly when he feels around and when getting the pap. In the past 5 months I have started spotting. Not clotting, just light spotting. I can no longer have sex or use tampons as it hurts too much. I feel very sensitive on the inside. I also have a discharge that has become regular. Originally, I thought it was just from ovulation,but it's not just during that time of the month. And I've been having pain on my left side for about a month. I thought that was from my period, but I continue to have these pains outside of my period days. It's not everyday, but when I have it, it's sharp and I notice it. But then after about 15 minutes, it goes away. So I feel my doc should be doing more than a pap. Especially with my symptoms and 3 years of abnormal paps, etc. Am I being paranoid or should I change doctors? What should I be doing to properly rule out any cervical cancer? I have family history of cervical and ovarian cancers. Thanks in advance for any comments.

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Elizabeth. there are doctors who CARE so please find one for yourself.  I wouldn't trash the current doctor, just explain that you want to find out what is going on.  I hope you find someone who can HELP you!


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Dear Elizabeth:

If you are feeling that something is wrong, go with your intuition.   Please go for another opinion at least.   If that doctor says the same thing then maybe you can wait.   But what you are describing is nothing I would take lightly.   The pain, bleeding, etc. is not something you should be "just dealing with".   You should at least have an ultrasound or some type of scan along with blood work.   Also given the history of cervical and ovarian cancer in your family, I don't see why that doctor is taking that kind of approach.   

Please get another opinion from a doctor who is not connected with the one that gave you that advice.  I went a whole year feeling like my insides were dying and the doctor only said maybe I am depressed or this or that.   Even my gyne said that I have endometriosis and he just gave me some narcotics and said I needed a hysterectomy.   It wasn't until after my hysterectomy that they found my cancer.  It was in my uterus, cervix and left ovary.

Please let us know if you see another doctor and if you get some testings done.   Also ask for the blood test CA 125.   

My best to you,



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