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Chemo after removal of kidney

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My youngest son called me last night was horrible news.   6 1/2 years ago he had one of his kidneys removed due to RCC.  It was contained in the kidney and no spread.  He does his check-ups as he is supposed to.  He passed blood and went to see the doctor, they did a CT scan and found a suspicious mass on his remaining kidney.  They are going to do an ultrasound tomorrow and he will see a surgeon next week.  This has been horrible for all of us because we just lost my husband, his father, to cancer in July of this year.  I told him that it is not cancer until they say it is and with a biopsy.  This suspicious spot is on the outside of the kidney, not inside the kidney like the first tumor.

My question is can you have chemo with only one kidney?  He and his wife have 5 children, 2 grandchildren and this has, naturally, all of us on pins and needles.  Of course, to me is how much more can I go thru, lost of my husband of 53 years to this horrible disease and now the possibility of loosing my son to it.

Wishing everyone peace and comfort -- Sharon


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Sharon, keep calm until results are in, it could be something easy to fix. I could be mistaken but I don't think chemo is effective on kidney cancer, they use more surgery and drugs.

I am sorry for your loss, that is terrible! Just try not to freak out until you know something concrete.


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I'm sorry for your loss, it's difficult time, but I hope you could manage to be strong enough to be there when your son needs you.
Kidney cancer cells are resistant against chemo so they usually choose surgery if possible otherwise target therapy and immunotrapy are their choice. You and your son are in my thoughts and prayers

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Im really sorry Sharon for your loss.  It must be very scary to now be worried about your son.  Hang in there.  You dont know what it is yet.  But to answer your question, targeted therapy can be given with only one kidney.  

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I am so sorry for the recent loss of your husband and now having to go through another cancer scare with your son. I will keep all of you in my prayers. Wishing you the strength to deal with this terribly upsetting situation.



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