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18 Months celebration

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Today I am 18 months NED. 

I have found myself a little treat (OK, its a braclet, and maybe a little more than I should be spending, but...) to celebrate; BUT, I can't bring myself to buy it yet, because I am getting my CEA checked and get my results on the 2nd Nov, and then, when all is well, I will purchase my celebration treat. 

You all know how it goes. Celebrate the miles stones with the risk of bad news always on the horizon. 

I was telling Jeff in his post, I am a good 90% positive, but the hardest times for me are at night and the few weeks before getting the results from blood test and scans.

But for now  I am 18 months NED. 

Sue - Turbrit

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Enjoy the braclet, you deserve it and if it makes you smile, why the heck not?  I bought a camera this summer when I was shooting sports.  I had cameras that were good for some things, but for sports there was one that was spot on.  Figured why not?  As I tell people the cost of the camera compared to how it helped me get through the chemo and put my mind in a good place was really nothing compared to one chemo sessions or finding a way to exercise (walked a ton shooting ]) or going to speak to people to work through the mental aspects.  I will be getting my results next month, almost exactly nine months to the day of my surgery.  I my buy a braclet myself (or a lens maybe ;) )  Congrats on th NED 




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Can't wait to see a picture of that bracelet!  My vote is you purchase it now as a treat for what you have been through.   Just do it!  I doubt you will regret it if it brings you joy.

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Congrpats on 18 months.  When Nov. 2 comes around we want to see that bracelet on your wrist.  It's all good.



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That is so awesome Sue.

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Go get that bracelet and think positively! Eighteen months! Someday you'll be on here saying it's been eighteen years and giving people more hope.


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Don't pass up a chance to celebrate any good moment or milestone, Sue, happy times can certainly be elusive on these roads we travel......Dave

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18 months is great news!  I hope that your results on Monday will continue to be good news.  Go get that bracelet and enjoy, oh and pull out happy dance man.  Traci

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It truly is nice to hear such good news!  Enjoy your bracelet!

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I've always played as being cautiously optimistic about the whole thing.
I don't believe anyone ever stops getting scanxiety. I'm down to 2-3 days at most. 

Keep up the great work and enjoy!!!
18 months NED sure beats 18 months dead! I apologize if my gallows humor offends anyone

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Just asssume it will be great results!  Then get on with life-worry free. Good Luck!

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Great to hear!


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on the scans are the good news you're hoping for.  Buy the bracelet anyway- to celebrate the 18 months AND your 90% positive atitudeLaughing



Cathleen Mary
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My two cents: buy the bracelet just because you're special. 


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