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Contrast reaction

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Just had my 1 year scan and had a small allergic reaction to iodine contrast(sneezing and itchy eyes). Does that mean i won't receive contrast for my next scans? 

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It's going to be up to the radiologist, but definitely let them know well before your next scan.  I work in an emergency room and every once in a great while we will CT someone who has an allergy to the contrast. Prior the scan we will give them IV solumedrol and IV benadryl and have high dose epinephrine on stand by.

It's really all about risk vs reward. Plus your input is important too for this decision.

Be sure to add this to your list of allergies.


Good luck,


I am alive
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Hi Dave,

years ago I had an allergic reaction to CT dye - developed hives on chest, neck & upper arms - and have premeditated with prednisone (150 mg - a 50mg pill 13 hrs before CT, another 50mg pill 7 hrs before, and a third 50mg pill 1 hr before along with 1-2 25mg Benadrl) ever since. My face gets tomato red the next day, but that's it. 

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