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4cm spot on margin of liver found in CT

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Hello All,

My husband was diagnosed with RCC December 2015.  He was was diagnosed with Stage III.  He had his right kidney removed and was put on a clinical tril drug Everolimus.  Last week he started having pain on his right side under his ribs that would come and go.  He called the doctor and the first thougt was a hernia.  CT scans were already scheduled for last Thursday. On Friday we received word that a 4cm spot is showing on his liver.  Doctor wants him to go in for a biopsy.  I have read lots of information about liver cysts that can cause the same pain.  Anyone had any expereince with this?

We are hopng for a benign liver cyst, but it has shown up pretty quickly as it was not on his last CT scan three months ago.

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My partner (Stage 1)  had a following situation - no liver cysts were mentioned on his very first ultrasound, which found RCC, and not on CT scan. After surgery and 1st follow up 6 months later ultrasound mentioned liver cyst. We got worried - why it wasn't mentioned before? Was it there before, is it a met?

so we received a second opinion on his very first CT - the cyst was there, simply not mentioned in report as not clinically relevant, and it was confirmed that lesion is definitely a cyst.

Can you ask for a second opinion on your husband's scan? Perhaps another specialist would be able to tell what it is. Or try a different scanning modality - ultrasounds are very good at identifying cysts, and MRIs are usually used to get a final answer. Hard to believe that something 4cm big could grow in 3 months, RCC is typically slow growing. .. Maybe this lesion was there before, just not listed in the report?

Good luck!

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I'm with Allochka. 4 cm is a lot to grow in three months so I'm hoping it's a cyst they didn't mention as significant last time. Definitely get a second opinion or perhaps a different scan. Wishing you the best.

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I was also diagnosed with stage III and had my right kidney removed (December 2013)....no clinical trials though. They did notice a lesion on my liver as well, but determined that it was nothing to worry about. It hasn't changed at all, and all is good. I hope that you have good results regarding his liver. Please keep us posted.



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