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Yervoy a.k.a Ipilimumab Clinical Trial--anyone experienced this?

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First, brief history. I have mediastinal Diffuse Large B cell NHL. I had R-CHOP May-Sept. 2012. Relapsed May of 2014. 2 rounds or R-ICE followed by auto stem cell transplant in August. Radiation in Oct. and Nov. 2014. Relapsed again Feb of this year. I've been doing GVD-R. It has kept the lymphoma stable, but not much more than that. I can't get any more of this chemo because I'm at the maximum dosage for Doxcyl. Anymore could substantially damage my heart. 

I'm looking at a clinical trial at Hershey Medical Center in PA that uses a combination of Ipilimumab (brand name Yervoy) and Rituxan. Ipilimumab is also an immunotherapy like Rituxan, but uses a different method. The explanation is too detailed to go into here. Ipilimumab has already been approved for late-stage melanoma and is now in trials for lymphoma. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried this medical trial. If so, what side effects did you experience? How effective was it? Any info you have might be helpful.


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I truly wonder about the efficacy of a single agent chemotherapy regimen against a multiple relapsed disease. Since clinical trial results are often in the 15-30% response range, there is no guarantee that a single agent would cause a response. After receiving 12 different drugs in several regimens - and two clinical trials, my double T-Cell Lymphoma (PTCL-NOS + AITL) basically stopped responding. Doctor then tried a fairly new, and not yet well known regimen on me. It is known as TREC (Treanda, Rituxan, Etoposide and Carboplatin). It specifically eliminates the horrible Doxorubicin, which I had twice before. My case is completely different from yours, but I went from two dozen tumors and small intestine involvement all the way to clean PET/CT scans in only two cycles. And, this occurred without the Rituxan, as that is not effective against most T-Cell Lymphomas. I would ask doctor to consider it, as it was tolerable and designed for lower toxicity using a new combination of existing drugs. 

At your stage, I would seriously think about getting into a remission for a stem cell transplant, as the cancer gets smarter each time it returns. I went with a transplant, as we ran out of lymphoma drugs to use against it.

All the best to you. 

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Geez, Po. I had forgotten that you had been through so much.  Your knowledge and insight, and sound advice, is remarkable. 


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