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Radiation Treatments Begin Tomorrow Morning

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Joined: Sep 2015

I was contacted today to schedule my 39 radiation treatments (8 weeks, M-F), my first treatment is tomorrow morning.   I am looking forward to getting through these next 8 weeks as quickly as possible.  I also have 2 years and 9 months left on Lupron and my PSA will be checked every three months between now and then.  PSA levels yesterday were 0.05 which is the same as after my surgery.

Old Salt
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Joined: Aug 2014

The 39 sessions will test your patience and resilience, but it's the way to go in your particular situation.

Hang in there!

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...and got 1 less treatment than I did - congrats! Cool While the ADT is not really a ton of fun (remember to get and use the pump - seriously), this program has very good results.


Like Old Salt said - hang in there! You got lots of company. Smile

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Good luck with your radiation and other treatments!  Continue to let us know how things work out for you.

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Joined: Jan 2013

I'll chime in, as well, and wish you good luck with your treatment protocol.

Mine was similar, and apart from the profound fatigue at times starting at about treatment #20-#25, and hot flashes, and a few other quirks, I got through it and never missed a day of work or pleasure.  I tuned back total activity levels somewhat, of course, to compensate a bit for my reduced energy level, but that was all.  If you want to read more about my specific experiences, it is posted on this page,  http://csn.cancer.org/node/188931?page=5  and it is dated Oct 30, 2013 - 7:14 pm

Keep us updated on your progress.

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I've had two treatmenst so far with the third scheduled for this afternoon followed up by a CT Scan to check my bladder and compare it to the first CT scan.  I was told that it is standard procedure to make sure that the treatments are going as planned.

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Hi Ron,

I underwent 35 radiation treatments ten years ago. The only negative aspect that I recall was the oncologist's insistance that I hold a full bladder prior to and during the treatrments. Uncomfortable, but not extremely painful.

Good luck to you.

Old-timer (Jerry)

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same thing for me .35 in all 

so far im tired more.  But no sure if its the radiation or me or the weather !

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My procedure was 7/31/15. As of now my PSA is .03. Should I be worried?

hopeful and opt...
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Also please include your psa history,  the results of your biopsy, and results of your tissue review after surgery, and side effects from surgery if relevant. 

Generally one needs not worry about one reading of 3 one hundredth.



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Joined: Sep 2015

I've received 5 radiation treatments so far with no ill effects other than some moderate fatigue from the combination of Lupron (hormone therapy) and the radiation.  They did give me another CT Scan yesterday after the radiation treatment to recheck the treatment plan.  All but one day my bladder has been extremely full and my bladder was not nearly as full during the original CT Scan that was used for the current radiation plan.  As of Wednesday, a new plan will be used based on yuesterday's CT Scan results.  This was determined when the Oncologists met for their weekly meeting and discussed my case. 

I sure hate having to endure a full bladder while I wait in the lobby and during the actual treatment, but there is less of a chance of the bladder seeing radiation if I can continue the same course of action each day.  In order to do that I am making sure I drink the same amount of liquids at the same time each day.  In addition to that I also empty my bladder exactly two hours before the treatment and then consume 34 ounces of water.  Treatment number 6 is this afternoon and I am so looking forward to my last radiation treatment on November 13th. 

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