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Thank you Paula! MPDL3280A

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I've been on this forum for almost 4 years. I don't post a lot anymore, but I always read the posts.

I'm on a trial which combines MPDL3280A (atezolizumab), an anti PDL1 drug, with Interferon Alfa 2B. I've been on this trial for 7 months. After initial lung met swelling, I have had significant shrinkage on the last 2 scans. This is after lackluster results on IL2, Votrient, Inlyta and a trial combining Inlyta and TRC105. So, good results for a change!

Paula was in a trial early on with MPDL3280A as monotherapy. I know she had a rough go of it mainly because she was in the dosing phase of the trial. She dropped out of the trial and sadly passed away later. I just wanted to say thanks to her for helping me. I just hope my participation in the trial will also help others down the road.

I have a new RCC challenge to deal with next week, but I'll get through it like I have with others in the past. It took time for me to realize how to enjoy a good moment after diagnosis but I have learned to recognize and gain great joy from many, many simple pleasures in life.

Keep fighting!


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Happy to hear, David. Thank you Paula, for paving the way.


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David. Keep hanging in brother. Paula would be proud to know that she has helped others. Good to see you too Rae-rae.

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It is wonderful to hear how well you are doing, Dave! I didn't know Paula at all, but am sure she would love your news.



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Really happy for you i remember Paula a very nice lady,hope you have continued success

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