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Friend recently diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma - advice welcome

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I have a friend who was diagnosed in June 2014 with Multiple Myeloma. He is working on getting treatment. So far, he has been taking chemo pills (revlamide). Now he is going to Little Rock for further treatment, recommended by the PCP in Fort Smith.  In Little Rock he was told about stem cell treatment. Has anyone here received such a treatment? What is involved? How is it carried out?

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some of Advice 

  1. Attempt to plan your specialist's visits and imbuements in the meantime and around the same time. For instance, I have a standing arrangement at my nearby oncology focus on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. I get my blood levels checked, and four out of like clockwork, a Velcade sub-q shot. I additionally get snared for a month to month Aredia mixture and see my restorative oncologist as required.
  2. However, that is just the begin. Wednesday evening I take my 10-mg Revlimid container, then 40 - mg dex just before I go to bed. That way despite everything I get a decent night's rest, putting-off sleep deprivation until the following couple of evenings.
  3. By taking my meds on the same time and same day, I'm ready to envision how I will feel throughout the following three days. I'm likewise persuaded that my body changes with my calendar, as well.
  4. I have added to some really genuine fringe neuropathy (PN) more than five years. My supposition is some of you have, as well. Assuming this is the case, you might as of now be utilizing Neurontin (exchange name gabapentin) to help minimize your side effects.
  5. Here's an insider's tip for those of us who use gabapentin. A decent companion and analyst who meets expectations with the medication shared that it is so vital to not take your cases at the same time - or even just in the morning and around evening time. "Include a container or two noontime," he suggested.
  6. What a distinction! I comprehend that gabapentin doesn't work for everybody with PN. In any case, some piece of the issue may be that you aren't sufficiently taking, or that your dosing timetable is off. Test a bit and ideally you will be as astounded as I spoke the truth what a distinction it can make.
  7. Exercise. You must work out! Walk day by day. Take your wheelchair out to the corner and back. Swim, lift light weights. Simply MOVE! Customary activity can truly help your longing and vitality level. DO IT! It would be ideal if you
  8. Try not to put off other restorative methodology only on the grounds that you have various myeloma. I ought to take after my own recommendation! I require my right hip supplanted because of a few extensive injuries in the range and a few genuine intense joint inflammation that has created in the joint. It represents more than 50% of the torment I encounter when I work out, shop or simply attempt to move about the house. Try not to commit the same error!
  9. Approach your medical attendants for help! I have discovered working intently with oncology attendants can help you in various ways. They can give you tips to help oversee reactions specifically, and in addition having your specialist's ear when it comes time to utilize medications to offer assistance.
  10. Attempt to recollect why you are encountering reactions: TO KILL YOUR CANCER! A kindred undifferentiated organism transplant patient once let me know that she felt a considerable measure better simply realizing that her ills were brought on by medications that were sparing her life. In any case, recall, that doesn't mean you ought to "intense it-out" or not request help.
  11. Attempt to stay positive. Activity ought to offer assistance. So ought to see an advisor, contemplating, honing yoga and/or eating a wide mixed bag of solid nourishment. Furthermore, keep in mind that setting aside a few minutes to help other people frequently helps you feel better, as well!


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