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Annabella Rose

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Annabella, how are you? We've all been intrigued by you question, but we haven't heard anything from you. I hope you are in a happier state of mind. We all can become overwhelmed by our personal experiences and you have more than most on your plate. Whatever you decide about treatment, your life will go on. What are you going to do with that time? These are the days of your one and only life that stretch ahead of you and no one knows when they will end. Having cancer brought home to me the realization that those days really don't go on forever and I need to use them to not only enjoy whatever time I have, but to do the things that will be meaningful to me and to those I love.  In a way cancer gave me a gift- the acceptance of death, that I will not live forever and that I need to grab whatever time I have left and live, not just watch them go by and live in fear of what may come. Ro was such a great example for all of us. She was loving and giving to all while continuing to enjoy her life, her friends and her family. I hope I am able to do the same. You too have so much to contribute, to enjoy and to strive for. Please remember that we are all here for you. As Ro would say,

in peace and caring, Sandy

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Well said Sandy ,right on all counts, I look at this the same way. What ever is left of the one life I will use it wisely.

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